Monday, June 17, 2013


Why did Robert Kraft make such a big deal over Putin swiping his ring? After all, the Patriots
pulled a fast one on the St. Louis Rams before their Super Bowl, taking video of their walk-
through. After seeing the Patriots cheat and thus, taking away their chance at a ring, do you
think they care about the Patriots owner losing his?

NBC Sports and the rest of the sports media made such a big deal over Phil Mickelson attending
his daughter's graduation and taking the red-eye (on his private jet) to make the first round of
the U.S. Open, they missed the compelling story of Justin Rose. The media made like Mickelson
was the only father in the world who bent over backwards to make a daughter's graduation and
the only player in the field who was a father. Please. They wanted so badly for Mickelson to

write their story, they missed out on Rose playing for his Dad, who was his coach and mentor
and  recently passed away. Oh, sure, they picked up on it when it appeared he might win, but
NBC and  the rest of the media went way overboard with Mickelson, who crashed and burned

By the way, it must have been an interesting Father's Day for Shawn Kemp, Antonio Cromartie,
and Travis Henry. They all have six or more children with at least four woman. My head is
spinning thinking that, so I hope tjat made sense. I'm sure they needed name tags on Sunday to
help figure out who was who.

Johnny Football is turning into Johnny Diva. The Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A & M
became a huge celebrity after winning the coveted trophy as a freshman and he reveled in all
of it. But he doesn't want to be hounded or be kicked out of bars for not being of age.
Over the weekend, he tweeted that he wanted out of College Station, Texas as soon as possible.
Then realizing his stupid-ness, deleted it. Too late, much of Twittersphere saw it. Johnny Football
tried to atone for his error by saying that he loved College Station, but everybody should "
walk a day in my shoes", to see what it's like living in a fish bow. OMG, give me a break. I
dislike this guy already. Reminds me of a little Brett Favre.

Johnny Oduya of the Chicago Blackhawks is my new favorite player. What a name! I think
I can hear NBC Hockey play-by-play guy Mike Emrick laughing every time he announces
Johnny Oduya. I need to get a Blackhawks jersey with his name on it.

Bruins are still my pick to win it all. The Hawks may have a little more talent, but Boston has
Toooooooooooka Rask and an iron will. The NHL has never seen a team with this much
resiliency, and in this epic series, that's what it will come down to.

T.O visited Chad Johnson in jail? Give me a break. He should be visiting the Kardashians
to try to earn a spot on their reality show. T.O. craves the spotlight as much as Kim, and
now that he's over-the-hill by NFL standards, he doesn't have much talent like her, either.

Jason Kidd, the new coach of the New York Nets, has a court date this week for his
DUI arrest he received last summer. Kidd also was involved in a domestic abuse case with
his wife several years ago. I guess the Nets made like Rutgers and Mark McQwire and
didn't care to talk about the past when interviewing him. It's kind of a joke, really. Image
and character only counts when you're not a Hall of Fame point guard.

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