Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Has Tiger Woods become a magnet for drama or what? Every time he tees it up these days, it's
always something. Illegal drops, trading barbs with Sergio, and lying about the marshals giving
him the green light to hit. He's become the A-Rod of golf, except that he's not injured and when
he shows up, Tiger beats the hell out of the competition. 7 wins in his last 22 starts is amazing.

Man, it was a bad week for Titus Young. The NFL receiver got arrested three times, including
twice on the same day. Mike Tyson was never that proficient. Young has never met a police
blotter he didn't like. To top it all off, his father said Titus has mental problems. Ya think?

Kirk Gimenez has been MIA from his late-night gig at SNY. Last week, Gimenez got all twisted
on Twitter, accidentally sending a private message to some chick in cyberspace that went out
to the entire world. It said something about "winning boobs". I'm guessing Kirk got penalized by
the company and is spending some time in the sin bin.

I saw some guy riding a bike in Stamford, CT the other day. It looked an awful lot like Bobby
Valentine. He must be getting ready for his new gig as the athletic director at Sacred Heart
University. The over/under on him bringing down the school like the Titanic is 6 months.

New Cincinnati Bengals linebacker James Harrison says he spends around $500,000 a year on
taking care of his body, which includes a live-in masseuse. I'm sure Harrison must've had a lot
of happen endings, but he'll probably end up broke just like many other professional athletes who
spend foolishly during their playing days.

Speaking of spending foolishly. Mario Williams of the Buffalo Bills spent $785,000 on an
engagement ring for his fiancĂ©, who is now his ex-fiancĂ©. And of course, she's keeping the ring.
No way she's giving that boulder back. Williams is going to court demanding that she return it,
but that's probably not happening since she has text messages and e-mails saying the ring is hers.
Oh, Mario, it must've been love, right?

Boy, all that talk about Jason Collins being the first active professional athlete to come out
of the closet, sure has died down. When Collins said he was gay, the media would have you
believe that 100 other athletes would be walking out of the closet at any time. Never going
to happen. Not anytime soon, anyway. And the mainstream media didn't do its homework.
Glenn Burke of the Los Angeles Dodgers was gay and came out to his teammates in the late
'70's. Inside Sports magazine did a profile on him in 1982. I wonder how everybody missed
that one. So much for Collins "making history." It was actually Burke who broke the barrier,
not Collins.
Prince Harry is going to be playing polo in Greenwich, CT. on Wednesday, which is just down
the street from me. Greenwich is the only place in world that can make Prince Harry feel like he's underprivileged.

I'm wondering what AJ Clemente's up to? Apparently, ESPN hasn't called him yet.


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