Friday, May 3, 2013


Susannah Collins has next. Less than a week after AJ Clemente finished off his 15 minutes
off fame thanks to dropping an F-Bomb on live television, Collins is stepping into the spotlight.
The television reporter from Comcast Sportsnet Chicago was fired on Friday, less than 48 hours
after making a Freudian slip of epic proportions.

Collins was working the Chicago Blackhawks playoff game against the Minnesota Wild and
was trying to convey the great record Chicago had against the Wild during the regular-season,
but unfortunately, Collins got, well, a little tongue-tied and the words just didn't come the
right way. Collins said the Blackhawks had "tremendous amount of sex" instead of success.....oooooooh, boy!

It didn't really seem to be grounds for dismissal because that kind of thing can happen, just
ask ESPN's Steve Levy. The veteran anchor once got tongue-tied when reading bulging "disc"
and he ended up saying, bulging "dick". Hello. Levy didn't get fired by the WWL, but then
again,  he didn't have scores of videos on YouTube that were pretty raunchy.

During the early part of her career, Collins worked on one of those shows that try to use
sex, foul language, and innuendo to gain views, hits, and fans. After Collins made her gaffe,
a lot of people wanted to know more about Collins so they did the old Google search and a
lot of bad things came up. I viewed some of the videos this morning and I was stunned at the language that was coming out of that girl's mouth. Perhaps, that's why she said 'sex' instead of
success during her live shot. She was so used to saying that kind of stuff, it just rolled off her

I'm sure management saw a few of those tapes and said, "Um, upon further review, Collins
can no longer work here." They gave Collins the pink slip and said, "thanks for coming." The
question is, in the interviewing and screening process, didn't they think to do a Google search?
Isn't that what every employer does these days? It's obvious that nobody at the network saw
those videos because if they did, they would've said, "Next!"

But like Clemente, Collins is sure to be a lot more popular and even famous than she was before
talking about 'tremendous sex.' She has about 12,000 followers on her Twitter account right now,
but I'm sure that'll be up to about 30,000 before nightfall on Sunday. Will she get a spot on
Letterman? I doubt it. Not even Letterman goes to the well that often. But Collins, for better or
worse, will get more attention than she could've dreamed of at this stage of her career because
of her 'slip'.

Man, next time I go on the air, I might just have to let something 'slip', too. :)

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