Friday, May 10, 2013


According to a source close to  SportsRip, Kirk Gimenez of SNY will be suspended for
a highly-flirtatious tweet he mistakenly tweeted to all of his followers. Gimenez thought he
was sending out a direct message, but bad things sometimes happen with social media and
they did. Gimenez, who worked at ESPN before taking the late night anchor position with SNY
in 2007, sent out the tweet below:

Ooooops. Don't think that was intended for his wife and the rest of the world to see.
Realizing his mistake, Gimenez not only deleted the tweet, but his entire account.
"Winning Boobs" is sure to become the new catch phrase on the street and at parties
everywhere. Gimenez, who is married and had a child just last year, was reportedly given
the time off, according to sources, "to smooth things over with his wife."

Gimenez is highly-thought of within the walls of SNY and has a big fan in SNY chief,  Curt
Gowdy, Jr., who hired Gimenez. There was no discussion of terminating the contract of
Gimenez. According to a source close to SportsRip, people at the network didn't think the
suspension was "that big of a deal" and do not expect Gimenez' future with the
company to be affected by it.

SNY is partially owned by Sterling Enterprises and Comcast/NBC Universal. It's been a tough
few weeks for the latter. Susannah Collins, a reporter for Comcast Sportsnet Chicago, was fired
just days after mistakenly saying, "tremendous sex" on live television. Executives also saw
Collins using foul-language and sexual innuendos in videos posted on YouTube, leading to
her dismissal.

Gimenez has covered and reported on athletes who have sent out stupid tweets, now he joins
that same list.

Efforts to reach Gimenez and SNY management were unsuccessful.

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