Thursday, May 16, 2013


Did you see OJ Simpson in his court appearance? That food in prison sure must be good. The
Juice is all puffy and tipping the scales at 270. The guy looked a lot like me last year. Good thing
I lost 3 pounds.

The congressional hearings on the Tiger Woods-Sergio Garcia scandal are expected to start
next week. Roger Clemens, who was amongst the patrons could be called as a key witness.
Sure hope he doesn't 'misremember' anything.

Titus Young didn't get arrested yesterday, so the NFL receiver is making good progress.

Talk about getting no love. New England Patriots defensive lineman Kyle Love was recently
diagnosed with type-1 diabetes and lost 20 pounds. On Wednesday, the grim reaper, Bill Belichick
cut him with a "non-football injury designation". That's cold, real cold.

In the off-season, Josh Hamilton said god kept waking him up at 1am to watch "The Juice Lady"
infomercials. The Angels outfielder thought it was a sign from above and followed the diet, losing
25 pounds. I think he lost his ability to hit and hit for power, too. Hamilton has been hovering
around the Mendoza line and has only 5 home runs. For $25 million a year, the Angels aren't exactly
getting a whole lot of bang for the buck.

Anybody seen A-Rod around these days?

Give the front-office of St. Louis a lot of credit for not getting emotional re-signing Albert Pujols
two years ago. They knew what they were doing. Pujols was slowing down and looked a lot
older than his age. Signing Pujols for $250 million would have hamstrung their ability to keep
players like  Adam Wainwright. The Cardinals haven't missed Pujols at all, posting the best record
in baseball. Pujols is a shell of his former self and the Angels are still on the hook for 8 more
years and $180 million. Ouch.

The Chicago Blackhawks STILL have the best uniforms in sports.

NESN has the best quartet of photographers in sports television. Pat Gamere, John Martin,
Bryan Brennan, and Chris Del Dotto are without peer.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is teaching former Baylor star the sky hook. Good thing the NBA
legend isn't teaching her to dive off a platform. I give Kareem a lot of credit for going on

"Splash" and trying to win a diving competition, especially at 60+ years old, but he really
didn't have any skills in the pool.

I have no problem with Derrick Rose not trying to play with his team, the Chicago Bulls
already decimated in their series against the Miami Heat. It's his knee, his career, and his
life.  You saw how well the Washington Redskins cared about the welfare of their QB
RGIII. He wanted to stick it out and help his team, turned out to be the wrong call. If Rose
isn't mentally prepared to go 100 percent against a team that's been playing 100 percent all
year, so be it.

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