Saturday, May 18, 2013


Several years ago, I let my ex-fiancé keep the engagement I gave her. I called off the wedding
and knew the pain I caused her because of it. I didn't even ask for the ring back. It was had a nice diamond, but I can  tell you this, it didn't cost me $785,000!

Mario Williams, who received a $100 million contract when he signed with the Buffalo Bills
nearly two years ago, slapped a monster diamond on the finger of his then girlfriend, Erin
Marzouka. soon after. That diamond cost his bank account nearly 800K, but his emotional
savings is and reputation are taking a much greater hit.

Williams is suing his now, ex-fiancé,to get the ring back. She's not about to give it up. I'm figuring
she's figuring that a rock like the one she has could turn into a pretty significant nest egg for her.
It's not everyday, someone puts something worth $785,000 in your hand, or um, on your finger.
The decent and right thing to do, would be to give the ring back. I realize Williams sent texts
stating Marouka could keep it, but he wasn't in the best of mental states, even Marzouka, admitted that, and worse yet, has told the entire world about.

She saved the text messages sent by Williams, and of course, her lawyer is using them as
ammunition in the case to keep her ring. On Saturday, it was revealed that Williams was battling bouts of  depression over their break-up, which occurred during his first season with the Bills.

In one exchange, Williams texted her: "No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts." This isn't dirty laundry, it's just a nasty thing to do. A private matter has been made very
public. In this land of tweets, I'm sure Williams will be cast as nut case by everyone by the end
of the night.

In addition, Williams texted that he took three hydrocodones the morning of Buffalo's game
against New England and  planned to take two more on the plane home. Hydrocodone is a
narcotic used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Marzouki urged Williams to get help, texting back,
"Why don't you talk to someone? Clearly you're not happy & if your takin pills that's bad,"
Williams apologized, and  texted her that he's furious and should not have texted her in "this state."

Williams added: "I need to go back n my shell. There's no telling what  Ill do to myself at this
point. I'm sry Ill disappear from now on." Well, he pretty much disappeared on the football field
after that.

I'm guessing Marzouki wants to win the battle for the ring pretty badly. To release all this information to the public is just despicable. Perhaps, she wants to get on a reality show or create
her own one called, "Exes of the NFL: We Play Down And Dirty."

The reputation of Williams has taken a bigger hit than the ones he used to deliver on the football
field. He is now the star player addicted to painkillers, depressed, and thinking about suicide.
His employer, the Buffalo Bills, who gave him a $100 million contract, must be loving this.
Just another disaster for a team that experienced more than it's fair share of them over the last

It wasn't smart of Williams to lay that kind of rock on his girlfriend's finger. $785,000?!! It's
one thing if you're the richest man in the world like Bill Gates. It's quite another when only
about half of that $100 million Williams got, is fully guaranteed. Nice gesture by Williams,
but it was just plain stupid.

He also wasn't smart "texting" all that highly personal information. Did he not learn a thing
from Tiger Woods? Words like "suicide" and "hydrocodones" are tough to forget about, much
less erase.

For all his stupidity, Williams certainly has gained some sympathy because his ex-fiance' now
looks like a gold-digger who spread personal information out about Not-so-super Mario,
out to the entire world. She appears to be the villain in all of this. Oh, she might eventually
win the battle to keep the ring, but her reputation has taken a much bigger hit than that of

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