Monday, May 6, 2013


Let's face it. Books involving sports don't typically sell. Go to any Barnes & Noble and
you'll see dust gathering on the ones in the sports section. Hero worshipping books
about arrogant athletes are just not that fascinating a read, unless of course, there is dirt,
gossip, or payback.

Terry Francona's recent book about his days with the Red Sox made it on the New York Times
best-sellers list mainly because he shined a light on a drama-filled ownership group who all but professed they discovered baseball, marketing, and Fenway Park.

Most books that are released seem to follow Francona's formula. They need to attract headlines,
tweets, and fodder for sports talk radio. It's all about getting attention and making it relevant.
Jimmy Connors sure has gained some attention for his classless prose in his new book, "The Outsider."  Connors must've had too much time on his hands or perhaps, needed to get his fix
for attention and a massage for his massive ego. Connors hasn't been relevant for quite some
time, but that's about to change, but that's exactly what he wanted from all this.

In the book, Connors, who had a high-profile relationship with Chris Evert, the queen of tennis
and an American sweetheart, insinuates that Evert had a abortion near the end of their romance. Connors felt Evert did it because having a baby at that time would've affected her tennis career.

“An issue had arisen as a result of youthful passion. And a decision had to be made as a couple. Chrissie called to say she was taking care of the ‘issue’, Connors writes He also claimed Evert,
then 19, made the decision to protect her tennis career. “Chrissie made up her mind that the timing was bad and too much was riding on her future. She asked me to handle the details.”

Really, Jimmy? Is it that important to sell a book to do that? The most confidential 'issue' in a
personal and private relationship and you have to expose it to the whole world? Oh, you made yourself out to be the hero in all of it and let Evert look like a bad person. Nice, real nice.

This is beyond distasteful. Connors didn't even give  Evert a heads-up that the 'issue' was going
to be part of the book. That's real class. I guess Connors got what he wanted: even more attention for his book. Heck, I'm writing about it. The story has been plastered all over the Internet. Connors
made himself to be the white knight, but he is pure dirt bag in all of this. 

So, now Evert has to answer questions about something that may or may not have happened
40 years ago. Seriously? Jimmy, you did this all to sell a book? To expose something like he did about Evert is really despicable and beyond comprehension.We didn't need to know about this, Jimmy. This wasn't our business. A real man would've  protected a woman he said he
loved and got pregnant. Instead, you showed your true colors. You are still the ruthless, self-
centered, and arrogant person that you've always been. Nothing's changed

I'm not going to buy or read your book, Jumbo. I sure hope nobody else does, either

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