Wednesday, May 22, 2013


If Sergio Garcia got 'distracted' in The Players Championship by a little noise from Tiger's
entourages 50-yards away,  I can't wait to see how he reacts in the U.S. Open outside of
Philadelphia next month. The whining Spaniard won't get any brotherly love in that area, especially after making the 'fried chicken' joke about Tiger on Tuesday.

After watching Phil Jackson grab a lot of headlines this week, I'm starting to believe in that whole,  six degrees of separation thing. When the Zen Master was with the Lakers, he coached Lamar
Odom who is married to Khloe Kardashian, who is the sister of Kim, the biggest attention seeking
Kardashian on the planet.

Jackson is showing that he's addicted to the spotlight, too. He was all over the media-sphere
pimping his new book and creating drama that put the spotlight squarely on him. In the span of
three days, Jackson said Michael Jordan was better than Kobe (shocker), the Nets made him the
best offer to be their head coach, and if Seattle wrestled the Kings away from Sacramento, he
was going to be their head coach, too. Phil, you're a great coach, but make up your mind or better
yet, just go away. He's not only morphing into a Kardashian, but the Brett Favre of coaches, too.

Speaking of celebrities addicted to attention, Jose Canseco, the disgraced steroid slugger who
will never go away, is being investigated for sexual assault in Vegas. Of course, Canseco used
the twitter-sphere to proclaim his innocence. I'm sure he'll be on a reality show with Jodie
Arias in the near future.

Why  can't all athletes be like Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. After seeing Moore,
Oklahoma decimated by a tornado, the NBA All-Star donated $1 million to the relief effort. Durant
is one athlete who really gets it, realizing the impact he can make by just being nice. Most of the
players make more than they can ever spend, and helping out those in desperate need of it, is
a great gesture.

Dwight Howard doesn't get it. The Lakers soon-to-be free-agent could be the biggest diva in
sports. The guy whines and complains twice as much as Sergio Garcia and throws more people
under the bus than Brad Steinke, the award-winning coward from Fox Sports Arizona. This week
word somehow got out that Howard said he felt "marginalized" by Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni.
Marginalized? I'm not sure Howard even knows what "marginalized" means.

The New York media reported that Mark Sanchez had three interceptions in practice this week.
In the words of Allen Iverson, "We're talking about practice, man. Not a game, but practice."
Since when did anybody care about a quarterback throwing picks in May.  And in the case of
Jets maligned quarterback, that's an improvement. Sanchez was responsible for more than 50
turnovers in the last two years.

On his radio show Tuesday, Dan Patrick interviewed Michelle Beadle on her perceived
"rivalry" with Erin Andrews? Really? Isn't the spat between Tiger and Sergio in the sand box
enough for the sports world to handle?

RGIII made his wedding registry open to the public and his fans actually sent him gifts, which
has to be a first. What do you think I should send him? Flak-jacket? Knee braces? How bout a recording that tells coach Mike Shanahan, "No way am I going back into the game with my
knee shredded up like spaghetti."

I'm wondering what Tim Tebow is doing right about now.

Still hard to believe the billion-dollar cash cow that is ESPN is going to be laying off up to
400 workers and Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless won't be among those who will get the
pick slip.

Is it me or has Albert Pujols aged about 10 years in the last two? He looks older, slower, and
hardly the "machine" that saw him put up video-type numbers in his first 10 years in the league
with the Cardinals. Give management with St. Louis credit for not locking up Pujols to a long-
term deal north of $250 million. The Angels are still on the hook with Pujols for 8 years and
$180 million. When it's all said and done, the worst contract in baseball history could belong
to Pujols, not A-Rod.

Terrell Owens has been quiet for an awful long time. I'm sure he'll back in the news soon
with something stupid and outrageous. Perhaps, he's going to hook up with Stephen A. Smith
for a new show on ESPN.

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