Friday, May 24, 2013



I was having dinner with a friend at the Rye Bar & Grill in New York when I saw something that
almost made me cough up my black linguini with shrimp. Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals
was on TNT and the cameras cut to Craig Sager, the longtime sideline reporter known for his wild
and wacky blazers.

As I looked up to see the ensemble Sager was sporting, the linguini spilled out of my mouth,
leaving me enough space to scream out "WTF?! Sager pulled the most god-awful blazer
out of his closet and frightened viewers everywhere. It was a red, black, pink, and striped
concoction that made Jodie Arias look normal. Even for Sager, this ensemble was flat-out crazy

It kind of looked like one of those cinnamon sticks that you see around Christmas time, except
this thing had a real funkiness to it. Stripes were going north, south, east, and west. Throw in a
an off-pink shirt with white piping and a raspberry tie and you have an outfit that would make
the boys from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" go crooked.

I give Sager points for at least trying to be creative and original, but his outfit is just a train wreck.
I don't how see how his wife, mother, producer, or director thought it would be a good idea to go on
the air like that. Oh, sure, I get the whole social media, Twitter and trending thing, but...but...but
this is a bigger eye sore than the Big Dig that plagued Boston for many years. At least, viewers
only had to put up with Sager's swizzle for a few minutes during the course of a three hour game.

Maybe Sager is just trying to wrestle the title away of most outrageous outfits from NHL
analyst Don Cherry. Cherry is the original when it comes to spectacular blazers and ensembles.

But I think Sager has a ways to go before he overtakes Cherry and, shall I say, his hideous blazers.

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