Monday, February 11, 2013


5. JERRY YORK The legendary hockey coach of Boston College is quite simply, the nicest
    and classiest man in college athletics---bar none. He doesn't swear, smoke, and if he's had
    a drop of alcohol it's because it was sprayed on him after leading the Eagles to one of their
    four NCAA titles under him. York is as loyal as they come, coaching at his alma mater since
    1994. He is the all-time leader in college hockey with 925 wins.

4. KURT WARNER A born-again Christian, Warner could easily be the next Pope. A true
    family man who never got close to a police blotter, Warner came on heavy with the Lord
    and Savior message early in his career, but toned it done as he matured. The future Hall of
    Fame quarterback is clean-cut and a very likeable guy. During the end of his run in St. Louis,
    Warner urged his coaches to stick with Marc Bulger who had been struggling, instead of
    giving Warner his starting job back. He felt it would be best for Bulger's career

3. ALBERT PUJOLS Two years ago, God told Pujols to take the money and become an
   Angel. I wonder what the All-Star first baseman would do if he was asked to become the
   next Pope. Here's a snippet of the strong beliefs of Pujols:

   "My life's goal is to bring glory to Jesus. My life is not mostly dedicated to the Lord, it is
    100 percent committed to Jesus Christ and His will. Baseball is my platform to elevate Jesus
    Christ, my Lord and Savior."

 2. TIM TEBOW God's favorite player is going to be out of work very soon and could fill
     the bill if the Vatican needs a quick replacement. Tebow is squeaky-clean and hasn't wavered
     in his faith. Never. He has taken the best shots from critics and teammates alike and doesn't
     flinch. Preaches to inmates and often cares for disabled children and those less fortunate than
     him. Tebowing would play big inside the Vatican.

1. TONY DUNGY Perhaps, the most respected man in all of sports, Dungy would be a popular
    choice to be the next Pope. A class man with incredible strength, Dungy was the personal
    adviser for Michael Vick when the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback spent two years behind
    bars in a federal prison. There isn't a man on the planet who has ever said anything bad about
    Tony Dungy. He is strong in his faith and just a wonderful person.

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