Monday, February 25, 2013


I was just thinking that nobody should ever feel they are too old to accomplish their dreams and
goals. Fauja Singh, who in 2011, became the oldest person (100 years old) to finish a marathon,
capped his running career on Sunday in Hong Kong.  The now, 101-year old, finished a 10k race
in 1:32:28 minutes. Simply amazing

I was just thinking that Seth McFarlene is one of the most talented guys on the planet. Sorry to
say, I never heard of him before Sunday night's Oscars. Forgive me for not knowing about  "The
Family Guy". I've never watched it. McFarlene was tremendous as the host of Hollywood's biggest night, and that's no  easy task. He's  a likable guy who is pretty funny---and brilliant.

I was just thinking that Dale Earnhardt was probably rolling over in his grave after hearing
everybody making such a fuss over Danica Patrica becoming the first woman to lead a lap in the Daytona 500. Think about that? Leading a lap, not winning, but leading a lap. I guess for a society
that rewards kids who just show up to play sports with a trophy, it's a big deal. Wouldn't be a big
deal for Ricky Bobby, who famously said in "Talledega Nights", "If you ain't first, you're last."

I was just thinking that I kind of know how Jennifer Lawrence felt after face-planting at the Oscars. Several years ago, after giving a toast as the best man at my friends wedding, I wiped out going
down the stairs in  front of 500 people. I had spilled champagne going up the stairs and wiped out
badly going down them.  No Oscar to soothe the embarrassment for me. Lawrence handled it really, really well and became much more likable than she already is.

I was just thinking the NFL Combine is a colossal waste of time. Scouts spend years watching
players and evaluating tape of them actually playing football against competition. Then they prod, question, and watch the run, jump, and lift in T-shirts and shorts against nobody. When there is a football game without helmets, pads, and 300 pound heat-seeking missiles trying to rip your head
off, then the NFL Combine will mean something. JaMarcuss Russell, Ryan Leaf, and Tony Mandarich were all "evaluated" at the combine. How'd they turn out?

I was just thinking that Tyrann Mathieu is probably thinking that all that marijuana he smoked at
LSU was probably not really worth it. The "Honey Badger" admitted during the NFL combine that
all the pot he inhaled tarnished his reputation forever and cost him millions of dollars. But bottom
line, if Mathieu is really any good, an NFL team will give him a shot. After all, Michael Vick
killed dogs and spent two years in jail and the Philadelphia Eagles were there for him when he
turned in his orange jumpsuit.

I was just thinking that if South Africa had jury trials, Oscar Pistorius would be almost guaranteed
to walk. There have already been so many police blunders, creating reasonable doubt would've
been  a lay-up. The judge and only the judge will decide this case and I'm sure he'll see past the "intruder" theory. Yeah, Oscar was so worried about intruders that he forget to lock the front door.
And for him to say he was "frightened" to turn the lights on is laughable. No man with a gun in his
hand and assault rifle in his room is so "frightened" that he can't turn the lights on to make sure his girlfriend is safe.

I was just thinking that Rusty Wallace probably wants a do-over. The racing analyst of ESPN was
interviewing Dancia Patrick after her eighth place finish and asked,  "Do you have any idea how
good you looked today?"  Good one, Rusty.

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