Monday, January 21, 2013


After Tebowing and Teo-ing, there is a new form of expression that is sweeping
the nation. It's called Ray-ing. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis put his signature
(and crack) on this new pose that is now "trending" on every social media vehicle.
The man who has given us the squirrel dance, now has another thing that we'll
remember him for long after he retires. (All-Pro selections and double-murder, as well)

Moments after the Ravens upset the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship,
Lewis, who has turned into Joel Osteen in football pads, got down on his hands and
knees and prayed at mid-field. For some reason, the producer/director  of CBS Sports

used a camera angle that made for an image we didn't really want to see. It was a
moment that had most of American asking, "Really? Did I really see what I thought
I just saw?" Personally, I thought my plumber had jumped onto my television screen
and decided to show off his crack in High-Def. Clicker, please.

Some thought the new pose should be named "Plumb-ing", others thought it had
to fall in line after other well-known players, Tim Tebow and Manti Teo. Whatever
the case, "Ray-ing" has already become in vogue. People, and even animals, in all
walks of life are using the pose in an effort to bring a miracle into their lives, or at
least a well-paying job or the winning numbers to the next $200 million Powerball

Will this new pose called, "Ray-ing" have much staying power? Probably not, but
it's sure to be a hit among plumbers around the world. For years, they have toiled
with their cracks exposed, but still in relative obscurity. IT service men seem to be
getting all the glory these days. Sal Balboni, a plumber from Shreveport, Louisiana,
said the pose by Lewis was appreciated by all the men who wield a wrench while
letting a lot of themselves hang out.

"It was a great moment for us, that's for sure," said Balboni. "He showed the entire
world something that we've long been proud of. I'm hoping to a least get a reality
show out of this. My agent says the phone has been ringing off the hook since Lewis
showed off his crack."

According to sources, Lewis has already been in contact with his lawyers to see
if he can trademark, "Ray-ing". Tim Tebow has already filed a claim to "Tebowing"
hoping to reap millions of dollars from merchandise sales.

Father Fred Pastore, who works at St. Alyosius parish in New Canaan, CT, feels
this could be a big moment for worshippers everywhere, regardless of their faith.
"It took a big man for Ray Lewis to do that pose in front of the entire country. I
could've done without the plumbers crack, but still, it's something that we, in the
church, were extremely proud of."

Ray-ing fever. Catch it.

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