Friday, January 11, 2013


Unless A.J. McCarron turns pro, I'm thinking he has absolutely no shot
of keeping Katherine Webb on his arm. His girlfriend of all of one month
just signed on to model for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and other
big offers are sure to follow. She is big-time, so is McCarron, but he's a
junior in college making no money. Hello? Webb lives in Los Angeles,
AJ lives in Tuscaloosa. Any questions? Something tells me she's more
Kardashian than Gisele Bundchen.

Watching the New York Jets press conference this past week confirmed
my beliefs that owners and high-ranking officials have no idea what
is going on withing their own company. Jets owner Woody Johnson said
that Rex Ryan is going to help pick the new general manager? Seriously?
That doesn't happen anywhere at anytime in any professional organization.
The Jets are the biggest circus in professional sports.

The Dallas Cowboys wanted to shake these up after missing the playoffs
for a second consecutive year so they fired Rob Ryan and hire 72-year old
Monte Kiffin? Ok, I think it's great a guy that old is still working and
making big money, but is he that much of an upgrade over Ryan? The
Oregon Ducks scored 62 points on a USC defense that Kiffin coached which
had about four future NFL players on it. Yep, Monte is a difference maker.

While were on the subject of the Kiffins, what the heck is up with Lane.
Why has he led such a charmed coaching life? He stinks! Lane was 5-15 with
the Oakland Raiders, 7-6 in his one season with the Tennessee Volunteers
and just 25-13 with the filthy, talent-rich USC Trojans. I'm starting to think
teams and colleges hire Lane just so they can drool over his wife, who is hot
enough to ignite a five alarm fire.

Former MLB outfielder Milton Bradley is facing up to 13 years in prison
after getting arrested for about the 18th time for physically abusing his
estranged wife. I am utterly shocked at this development. Good 'ole Milton
was such a fine human being while playing in the major leagues during
his career. Let's see, he threw a ball at a fan, confronted a play-by-play
announcer while the game was still going on, and got body slammed by
an umpire during an argument. Yes, I'm truly shocked that Bradley's in
serious trouble with the law.

Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks makes $176,000 per game.
Are you kidding me? I thought Alex Rodriquez was the most overpaid
diva in the Big Apple. Anthony is losing that amount after the NBA
suspended him for a game for going postal following a recent game against
the Boston Celtics. Kevin Garnett allegedly taunted Anthony by saying
that his estranged wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios. I'm a Coco Puffs
man myself, but if true, that was just wrong by KG.

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