Monday, January 21, 2013


If Martin Luther King, Jr. got a whiff of what's been going on in the sports world
over the past month, he'd probably roll over in his grave. The former civil rights
who famously said and hoped that his four little children would live in a nation "where
they will not be judge by the color of their skin, but by the contents of their character",
must be wondering what the hell is going on here.

The contents of the character of our sports nation are spoiled rotten and filled
with characters who have perfected imperfect behavior. Need proof? No problem.

On Decmber 13, Rob Parker was on "First Take", ESPN's version of the Jerry
Springer Show, when he called Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III,
a "cornball brother". Parker was questioning RGIII and his commitment to his race.
He wondered if RGIII was really "one of us."  Can't imagine MLK, Jr. would've
liked  hearing that comment if he were alive today.

On December 21, it was revealed that Suzy Favor Hamilton was living up to her
middle name. The three-time Olympian distance runner, who had built a squeaky-clean,
girl next door image, turned out to be a girl who lived a double-life as an escort.
Are you kidding me? Married with children, Hamilton said her second job helped
her deal with her depression. And at $600 per hour, that's what you call great therapy.

Lance Armstrong? Please. The contents of his character couldn't be more wretched.
Liar, cheater, bully, manipulator, con man. Should I continue? The disgraced cyclist
was fueled by PED's and filled with hate for anybody who knew his dirty little, no-so
secret. He actually sued people who were telling the truth. Lance Armstrong is just
one big lie.

The Manti Te'o scandal is filled with a bunch of characters who can't spell the word
it you spotted them the c's, a's, and r's. How does anybody concoct such a story
and use it for their benefit? Nobody knows for certain what role, if any, that Manti
Te'o played in all of it, but he knew this "girl" wasn't actually his "girlfriend" and
rolled with the story and used it to gain more publicity for himself and that' ain't

I won't go in-depth about the lack of class that Bill Belichick showed after losing
in the AFC Championship game. Nor will I make a big deal of Kevin Garnett of
the Boston Celtics telling Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks that his wife
tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios. But like our society, the contents of people's character
in the sports world has gone woefully wrong.

There needs to be some kind of re-set and re-adjustment because it's getting ugly.
It's ugliness that not even Martin Luther King, Jr. could've foreseen.

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