Saturday, January 5, 2013


The New York Times is reporting that Lance Armstrong might come clean about
his use of PED's. Note to Lance Armstrong: Don't bother. Please spare us the
tear-filled interview with Oprah Winfrey that is sure to be saturated with lame
excuses and vows to be a better person. I'm sure you'll say you had to cheat in a
sport where everyone was dirty and now you want to help clean it it up. We don't
need it. We are over you.

It's much too late for an admission, Lance.  And really, nobody cares. You denied
using PED's for years and called everybody who accused you of being dirty, a
bold-faced liar. That's right, everybody else was the bad guy, everybody else had an
axe to grind, and everybody else was dirty, but you. Now, you want to say, "Yeah, I
did them." Please.

If you come clean now Lance, this will make you the biggest fraud the sports world
has ever seen. Bigger than Ben Johnson, Mark McGwire, Marion Jones, and Alex
Rodriquez combined. And in the real world, you'd take a place in annals of fraudsters
right next to good ole Bernie Madoff.

You see, Lance, you not only cheated to dominate your sport to make millions and
become an icon, but you sold millions of cancer patients around the globe a bogus
story. Donations came pouring in because people believed that you were some kind
of super hero who stared down evil and won. You beat cancer, something very few
people do, much less get the chance to write a book about. The sad thing is, your
story is now dripping  with lies, deceit, cheat, and quite, frankly, sleaze. You have
crushed the spirit and soul of many who are battling cancer today.

Perhaps, you're banking on America living up to its billing as a society that is very
forgiving. We believe in second chances, right? Don't count on it this time. We were
all burned and we are all disgusted. You will have your defenders and those who
still believe in you. They will say that your raised more than a half-a-billion dollars
for cancer research with the "Livestrong"foundation.

But "Livestrong", has quickly morphed into "LIEstrong" and lie often. With nearly
everything in your life, you had an agenda, and it's clear that you may have another
one here. Many feel that by coming clean, you will be be allowed to compete again
in triathlons and marathons. Nice, Lance. That's just par for the course. You lied
when it was convenient for you, now you want to tell the truth for the same reason.

Lance Armstrong, we've had enough of you. And you're right, it was never about
the bike. It was about the PED's, the lying, and the cover-up. It was about cheating
to get ahead and accusing others of jealously, deceit, and fraud, when it was you,
yourself, who was fraudulent and deceitful.

Please, Lance, just go away. There is nothing you can say or do that will rinse away
the stain of what you did and what you truly are. Go away, Lance. In the words of
Nike, your former sponsor, Just do it.

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