Monday, January 7, 2013


The Crimson Tide might be royalty in Alabama, but to the rest of the
country, Katherine Webb is clearly its biggest star. On Monday night
during the BCS Championship game, she had her, "Hello, world" moment.

Oh, as a former Miss Alabama, Webb is known throughout the state,
but to the rest of the country, she wasn't even a blip on the radar screen.
That changed as soon as ESPN focused the cameras on her and Brent
Musburger fawned over Webb like a nerdy freshman does when the
hottest girl in the school passes him in the hallway and says, "Hi."

Musburger shouldn't feel bad, the rest of the the football world was doing
the same thing. Twitter and Facebook blew up with comments about Webb,
who is the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron.

As the game quickly became a blowout, Webb turned into ESPN's Viagara,
a secret weapon that kept viewers up and interested in the game. AJ McCarron
throws a touchdown pass, get that cut away in of Webb cheering wildly.

On Tuesday morning at the watercooler, you'll likely hear a conversation that
goes something like this,

"Man, that game really stunk last night."
"Yeah, but did you see AJ McCarron's girlfriend? Wow!"

Webb is sure to have the most searches on Google and "trending" big-time
by the time I finish this blog. She will have more followers on Twitter than
Ashton Kutcher by mid-week. Viral? You bet. That is just the way of the
world these days.

Webb might want to consider writing a thank you note to ESPN for making
her a star. You can't put a price on the free publicity Webb received from
the World Wide Leader. And the last time Brent Musberger went gaga over
a girl during a game, Jenn Sterger became an Internet sensation. However,
something tells me, Webb will get more than the 15 minutes of fame Sterger

I'm sure Madison Avenue and the William Morris talent agency was texting
Webb before the first quarter was over and are sure to have a contract hot
on the fax machine when she gets back to her hotel room.

AJ McCarron's greatest accomplishment was not winning two national
championships, but rather winning Webb's heart. Now, comes the difficult
part and that's keeping her.

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