Monday, January 14, 2013


Best Performance in Leading Role
Colin Kapernick San Francisco 49ers. All he did in his first ever playoff game
was pass for 263 yards and two touchdowns AND rush for 181 yards and
two touchdowns as San Francisco thrashed Green Bay to advance to the NFC
championship game.

Worst Performance in a Leading Role.
Peyton Manning. Any questions?

Best Use Of A Quarterback In A Supporting Role.
Katherine Webb just started dating Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron
a month ago. Today, she is one of the most talked about woman in the
country. After Brett Musburger drooled all over her during the telecast
of the BCS Championship game, Webb became more popular in this
country than Nick Saban. She already signed on to model for the Sport
Ilustrated swimsuit issue with more offers are sure to follow.

Worst Performance (Actor)
I don't have to wait to see Lance Armstrong's tear-filled interviewed
with Oprah on Thursday night to have this award out. Not even the
fraud that is Armstrong can fake his way to a critically-acclaimed
in this interview that's expected to be as intense as a game of patty-cake

Worst Performance (Actress)
Katherine Webb. Say this about the former Miss Alabama, she knows
where the cameras are. During the national championship game, Webb
noticed herself on the jumbotron at Sun Life Stadium, which was showing
her profile, and then turned directly to some camera that was about 1,500
yards away to make sure the front-on view was captured. Webb even
included the "I know you're showing me to the world" look to the ESPN

Best Outfit On The Red Carpet
Bill Belichick. The head coach of the New England Patriots made the
Hoodie in vogue a long time ago, but his sweatshirt and sweat pants look
is so classic. He doesn't care about being a metrosexual or buttoned up.
Belichick's style is cool, real cool.

Best Supporting Actor
Ray Rice. Baltimore Ravens. The spark plug of a running back complimented
the performance of Joe Flacco with a solid, grind it out effort against the
Denver Broncos. Rice rushed for 131 yards on 30 carries on the NFL's
fourth-ranked defense.

Worst Performance In Post-Game Speech
Ray Lewis. Baltimore Ravens. "God is great. Man, cannot control
what is blessed and destined." Yikes, this coming from a man who was
once charged in a double murder case. I guess you could see why Lewis
feels that God is so great. He probably really thinks it was god's plan
to keep him out of jail the rest of his life just so he could do his
squirrel dance.

Best Picture
Baltimore Ravens-Denver Broncos. Wow. An instant classic. This was the
"Shawshank Redemption" of NFL playoff games. Even if you know the
outcome, you'd watch this one over and over. It had big stars like Peyton
Manning and Ray Lewis, great drama, and a thrilling and suspensful ending.
Ravens, playing on a short week and in altitude, stunned the Broncos 38-35
in double-overtime to advance to the AFC title game.

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