Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Beautiful college co-eds were probably buzzing ESPN on Tuesday morning to
find out Brent Musburger's schedule of games next year. The veteran play-by-play
announcer has become the man with the golden touch for creating Internet sensations.
If he spots a good-looking girl in the crowd and fails to keep his testosterone level
in check, it could prove to be the springboard every college hottie hopes for.

On Monday night. less than five minutes into the BCS Championship game. good
ole Brent made like Alex Rodriquez and started combing the stands (along with ESPN's
cameramen) for the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. Katherine
Webb is a true southern belle and the reigning Miss Alabama. In the words of
broadcasting legend Keith Jackson, this produced a "Whoooooooa, Nellie!" moment.

Musburger, at 73-years old, morped into a teenager with the unbridled excitement
that comes from seeing Playboy magazine for the first time. He nearly knocked
over Kirk Herbstreit trying to get a better look at Webb. A "Whoa" was followed
by a "Wow!" in describing the looks of McCarron's girlfriend.  And just like that,
the BCS Championship went from Alabama-Notre Dame to Katherine Webb.

Twitter and Facebook blew up. The number of followers Webb had on Twitter
went from 2,000 to more than 200,000 by 11a.m. on Tuesday. It was insane.
Even Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals went gaga and tweeted Webb
his phone number. I'm sure somewhere out there, Tim Tebow stood at attention
and said, "Wow. Thank you, God."

On Tuesday morning, Webb was the toast of television. Forget about Alabama
winning the national championship for the third time in four years, it was all
about Webb. They were talking about her on every nearly every show that was
hosted by a couple of peppy anchors with gleaming white teeth and sprayed
down hair.

A star was born and Katherine Webb can thank Brent Musburger. But this wasn't
the first time Musburger tapped someone and made them an instant celebrity. In
2005, while calling a Florida State game, the camera panned to a flock of
co-eds in the front row cheering wildly for the Seminoles.

The camera focused on a scantily-clad, surgically enhanced fan with a cowboy
hat and Musburger did what he does best. "Folks, 1,500 red-blooded Americans
just applied to Florida State." He never said Jenn Sterger, but it was she who
took the ball and ran with it.

Boy, did she ever. Sterger became an Internet hit. She created her own web site
with nothing but her in bathing suits. Sterger parlayed her 5 seconds of fame into
a job with the New York Jets, where she overplayed a great hand and tried to
gain more attention by bringing Brett Favre down. She really hasn't been heard
from since.

Two things Webb has that Sterger didn't, are wholesome good looks and a
two-time national championship winning quarterback in AJ McCarron. You
now can't talk about Alabama or McCarron without mentioning Webb. She
is trending hotter than anyone has in a very long time.

The offers are sure to come pouring in. Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and even
Playboy are sure to come calling. There will be requests from "Today" "Fox
& Friends," and just about every morning show out there. Webb is one of the
most popular people on the planet right now.

She can thank the Idol maker, Brent Musburger, for helping make that happen.
Only in America, only in America.

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