Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Tim Tebow has been many things to many people during his football career.

To those who wear the colors of the Florida Gators, he is a messiah, a player
who seemingly walked on water while winning a Heisman Trophy award and
two national championships in Gainsville.

For Christians around the globe, Tebow is an inspiration and a role model
who carries and promotes the Lord's message as cynics everywhere openly mock

To children afflicted with disease or disability, Tebow is a hero, a man
who gives them hope, love, and the motivation to get better. Tebow invited and
flew some of them to games just to put a smile on their faces and give them a little
joy in their lives that seemed so unfair.

To the New York Jets, Tebow was just a pawn that was shamelessly used to sell
jerseys, season tickets,  steal the back pages of tabloids, and push the fragile
quarterback that is Mark Sanchez.

The motivation of owner Woody Johnson, Rex Ryan, and the rest of the three-ring
circus that is the New York Jets, was sealed and cemented on Tuesday when it
was announced that Greg McElroy, a former seventh-round draft pick who has
been inactive for nearly every game this season, was named the team's new starting
quarterback over Tebow, who was number two on the depth chart since training camp.

With this decision, the Jets confirmed what most people already knew. One, they
have absolutely no faith or confidence in Sanchez as their quarterback now, or in
the future. He is a turnover machine and a china doll wearing an NFL uniform.
Sanchez is fragile, as well as a liability.  The Jets don't trust him with their offense
or when he had to throw. He became like the 15-car pile up in a NASCAR
race. You can't bear to watch it, but you do anyway.

If the Jets cut Sanchez after the season, the team will take a $17 million against
the salary cap. But like the New York Mets did with Jason Bay, who became not
only an easy out, but an albatross for the team, the Jets must eat the hefty
salary of Sanchez, admit they made a huge mistake, and say good-bye for the
greater good of the franchise.

Two, this franchise has absolutely no idea what its doing. When the Denver
Broncos signed Peyton Manning and made Tebow available, Woody Johnson
was like the nerd in high school who suddenly had the chance to date the hottest
girl in town. He drooled, fawned, and eventually slobbered all over himself in
an effort to get the prize he most desperately coveted, failing to see the ugly
blemishes that everybody in the NFL clearly did, and wanted nothing to do with.

Johnson loves quarterbacks with star power. We saw it with his acquisition of
Brett Favre,  the drafting of Sanchez, and trade for Tebow. The man who inherited
his fortune, had dollar signs in his eyes with number 15. He knew Tebow could
sell more jerseys, tickets, and steal a little of the thunder the Giants had generated
after winning another Super Bowl.

Ryan and general manager Mike Tannebaum had another agenda for acquiring
Tebow. They needed somebody to push Sanchez, the incumbent at quarterback.
The immortal Mark Brunell wasn't enough to light a fire under Sanchez, who
had led the Jets to a pair of AFC Championship games in his first two years, but
took a giant step backwards in year three. They thought Tebow's presence could
motivate Sanchez to train harder, study more, and be more focused. Man, did that
ever backfire. Sanchez became an emotional wreck and a turnover machine,
committing 25 of them this season.

So on Tuesday, they essentially fired Sanchez as their quarterback and admitted
that Tebow was nothing more than a tool in their dysfunctional shed. Say what
you want about Tebow's passing ability, but he is a winner. He won at Florida
and won as a starting quarterback in Denver. Tebow took over a team that
was 1-4 and led them to the playoffs where they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in
the first-round. The Jets could've used some of that magic, but instead they want
to use McElroy?

This is utterly ridiculous in a season for the Jets that has been downright laughable,
defined by Sanchez running into the butt of an offensive linemen and fumbling
a touchdown away to the Patriots. That is the season of the Jets in a nutshell. The
butt of all jokes.

You mean the Jets don't want to see what Tebow can do as a starter? Of course not.
If Tebow plays well and wins the last two games, Rex, Woody, and Mr. T are
going to look like bigger buffoons than they already are. If McElroy plays well,
they'll say, man, we knew what we were doing when we drafted him. See, aren't
we smart?

No, you're not. You most definitely are not. You brought in Tebow and used
him for everything but football. You wanted to sell more jerseys, tickets, and
steal some attention from the Giants. The Jets used and abused Tebow shamelessly.

And what do they have to show for it? Their true colors. The Jets are clueless
and have absolutely no idea what the heck they are doing.

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