Saturday, December 29, 2012


There is no joy in Newtown. Christmas decorations are everywhere throughout
the quaint New England community, but nobody's in the holiday spirit. That was
sucked out of it on December 14 when evil showed up at the Sandy Hook Elementary 
School and changed the town forever. 20 innocent children and six selfless adults
were killed by a deranged gunman who valued the lives of others, even less than 
his own.

Two weeks after that unspeakable tragedy, parents of the victims are still in mind
numbing shock as they try to cope with the unbearable pain that comes with the loss
of a child. At a time when the entire community was about to celebrate the birth
of Jesus Christ, they had to mourn the loss of 20 children.

Just days after the last child was laid to rest, Newtown felt an aftershock that is
almost as unimaginable as the tragedy that took place in the elementary school.
Irv Pansky, a New Haven-based attorney filed a $100 million lawsuit against the
state of Connecticut on behalf of the parents of one of the children who survived
the shooting.

How sad, how so very sad. Newtown is soaking in unbearable pain. Innocent
children, with their whole lives ahead of them, killed for no good reason, and
greed rears its ugly head in the worst possible way. From an unspeakable tragedy
comes an unconscionable act. Dirt covering the smallest of graves is still fresh
as parents who didn't have to grieve the death of a child, are tossing salt on
the biggest and most painful of wounds.

Seriously, what is wrong with people?

According to the Hartford Courant, Pinsky said the damage the child suffered
from the shooters actions was immeasurable. Really? What about the damage
done to the parents who actually lost children in the massacre?

Pinsky claimed the school didn't do enough to protect the children and that
the person who turned on the P.A. system to warn everybody in the building
of impending doom, was responsible for trauma to the child he is representing.

"She was in her classroom, and over the loudspeaker," Pinsky said. "Came the
horrific confrontation between the fellow who shot everybody and the other
people. Her friends were killed. That's pretty traumatic." Yes, and so is actually
losing a child.

The floodgates are now open. Other parents seeing the potential payday are
probably lining up at the nearest law office. I'm sure they're saying, "Hey, if that
kid was traumatized, so was mine. I should be compensated, too."

Unfortunately, this despicable act of callousness and greed which comes just
two weeks after the massacre, might just cause the entire town to come apart
completely. 20 sets of parents are still shedding tears and having sleepless nights
as one couple who didn't have to experience the gut-wrenching pain of losing a
child, has dollar signs in their eyes as they sue the state with hopes of becoming
set for life. That is sure to cause anger, bitterness, animosity, and even hate.

Newtown is an incredibly small town where everyone knows each other. How
can the parents of a child who survived, look into the eyes of the parents who
lost a child? How can anyone in Newtown feel good about this or think that's
it's right. It's despicable and downright deplorable.

I never thought the Newtown tragedy could get any worse. Unfortunately, it
just did. Instead of counting their blessings. the parents of a child who survived,
want to count the ways they can become instant millionaires.

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