Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 BY 12 : SPORTS THINGS ON 12-12-12

Kevin Youkilis has signed a 1-year, $12 million deal with the New York
Yankees, which is a far cry from the $12,000 bonus he received from the Boston Red
Sox after he was drafted out of Cincinnati in 2001. His brother-in-law is none other
that Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, who happens to wear number 12.

Last June, Sydney Crosby signed a whopping 12-year contract worth $104 million
but he the star of the Pittsburgh Penguins hasn't seen a dime of it because of the
ridiculous NHL lockout. If the owners weren't rolling in the dough, they would never
had out these type of contracts. Or they just woke up and said, "what the hell are
we doing dishing out that kind of money."

New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees, who has been in the league for 12 years,
has thrown 12 interceptions in his last eight games. It's been a surprising slump
for the Saints leader, who like many of his teammates has been clearly distracted
an affected by the bounty-gate scandal which the NFL botched in the same fashion
as their replacement referee debacle.

I'm wondering if Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers, who wears number
12 and just happens to be averaging 12 rebounds a game this season, is regretting
the diva act that eventually forced his former team, the Orlando Magic, to ship him
out of town. Superman is finding out the grass isn't always greener on the other side.
The Lakers are a mess with one coaching change and 13 losses.

Andrew Luck is the best rookie to wear number 12 in a long time, but the Colts
quarterback is not the best rookie quarterback in the NFL right now. Robert Griffin III
is tied with Tom Brady for the best passer rating with 104.2. The Redskins QB has
18 touchdown passes against just four interceptions. Luck has the same number of
touchdown passes, but he's thrown 18 picks.

I'm thinking that Yvan Cornoyer, (pronounced Corn-Y-aaay) isn't the most famous
athlete to wear number 12, but the Montreal Canadian had the greatest nickname of
any athlete wearing that number. He was "The Roadrunner", beep-beep. He scored
428 goals in his career, blinding opponents with this speed.

Ronnie Brown of the San Diego Chargers is arguably the best player in NFL history
to be born on December 12, simply because there has only been five of them.
Selected by the Miami Dolphins with the second pick in the 2005 draft, Brown
has played in 12 games for the Bolts this season

The best name, or the most interesting one, anyway, to be attached to the number
12 is Othyus Jeffers. He plays for the Iowa Energy, of the NBA Developmental
League. Othyus is a shooting guard who played at Robert Morris and was on the
roster of the Utah Jazz at one time. I might have to name my first-born, Othyus.

Bobby Petrino, the new coach at Western Kentucky, certainly has a checkered past.
He's a proven liar, cheater, and person who always has an eye on a better deal, even
when he's under contract. Most people feel that he'll be a one and one coach for
the Hilltoppers and the adminstration probably had that in mind when they put in
$1.2 million buyout clause in his contract. Remove the decimal and you have 12,
which is probably the total amount of games he'll coach for Western Kentucky.

During is 18-year career, Mickey Mantle played in the World Series 12 times,
with the Mick and the New York Yankees seven times. 18 years in the big leagues,
12 times in the Fall Classic? That's pretty impressive.

Hard to believe Nolan Ryan was a 12th round draft pick in 1965. 225 players
were selected before the New York Mets selected the hard throwing right-hander.
It's another example of how scouting is an inexact science. How did so many
teams and so-called experts miss a guy that threw almost 95-miles an hour and
went to toss seven no-hitters and strikeout 5,714 batters in his Hall of Fame career?

Terry Bradshaw, Jim Kelly, Roger Staubach, and Joe Namath are Hall of Fame
quarterbacks who wore number 12. But when it's all said and done, Tom Brady
will go down as the best quarterback ever to wear that number.

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  1. Jarvis Redwine of Nebraska back in the 70's I believe was the best name for a #12. Just my opinion.