Thursday, December 13, 2012


SKYE DAWSON Texas Christian wide receiver. The little guy (5'8") can fly,
running a 4.5 in the 40-yard dash.

MAJESTIC MAPP Former schoolboy basketball legend in New York City who
was a McDonald's All-American. Went to UVA, but injuries cut short a promising
career. Has a brother named Scientific. Seriously. True story.

EXREE HIPP No relation to I.M. Hipp, the former Nebraska running back who
made it onto my initial list of names I'd like to swipe for a day. Exree played hoops
at Maryland during the mid-1990's. He ranks 20th on the school's all-time scoring list
but first with the best name in Maryland history.

URBAN SHOCKER. I thought coach Meyer at Ohio State was the only person on
the planet named Urban. I was wrong. Urban Shocker was a pitcher for the St. Louis
Browns who strung together four consecutive 20-win seasons. If he pitched today,
the Los Angeles Dodgers would probably give him a $300 million contract when he
hit the free-agent market.

PAPA BOUBA DIOP. Plays soccer for Birmingham in a league across the pond.
His nickame is "The Wardrobe", thanks to his 6'4", 205lb frame.

TOMMY GUNN Ranks as the third-leading scorer in the history of Middle Tennesse
State. Currently plays professionally for a basketball team you've never heard of in
Hungary. He has good ammo for an introduction and conversation. "Hi, I'm Tommy

MANTI TE'O. All-American linebacker from Notre Dame has an All-World name.
Manti Te'o, Manti Te'o, Manti Te'o. I can say that name all day long. Or at least until
I came across...

GREGOR FUCKA Did the creators of "Meet the Parents" come up with Gaylord
Focker after seeing this basketball center from Slovenia play? Sure seems that way.

J.J. WATT Nothing extraordinary, but the extraordinary defensive end for the Houston
Texans has a pretty cool name.

RICHIE INCOGNITO Every time I see this guy play for the Miami Dolphins, I
ask myself, "For real?" The starting offensive lineman is 325lbs, so it's kind of hard
to be incognito at that size, right?

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