Sunday, November 25, 2012


Like Paula Broadwell, Rick Reilly has gone, "All In". He not only took his much
admired writing talent to ESPN, but also a burning desire to be the most talked
about clown in the multi-media circus.

It doesn't matter how wrong he is, (Notre Dame is irrelevant in college football) or
how ridiculous he looks, (Hey, Stuart Scott, tell everybody I broke the story first on
Twitter), Reilly wants the spotlight to be on him.

Even though Reilly does have some talent, he'd be a perfect addition to the talent-less
Kardashians. He is on Kim's level, addicted to attention and obsessed with seeing
his name and picture splashed all over the Internet. Now it appears as if Reilly is
trying to get on magazine covers and make a guest appearances on every talk show
in land of 1,000 channels.

Just before Saturday night's game between Notre Dame and USC, Reilly tweeted

"No way Notre Dame beats USC tonight. If I'm wrong. I'll come to South Bend
and polish every freaking helmet. I can't be wrong ALL year, can I?

First of all, a Notre Dame victory over USC wasn't exactly going out on a limb.
The Trojans had four losses and were playing without starting quarterback Matt Barkley.
And if my memory serves me correctly, I think Notre Dame was undefeated and
ranked number one in the nation ahead of Alabama. So I think they must be pretty

Reilly just wanted the Twitter world to focus on him and get the attention that
comes with a stupid prediction. Notre Dame did beat USC and just about every
fan and player on the Irish responded to Reilly with their own tweets.

Kapron Lewis-Moore: @ReillyRick. I'll see you in South Bend polishing our

Give Reilly credit for his self-promotion skills, they certainly are on par with
Kardashasian. Instead of everyone talking about Notre Dame playing for the
national championship, he managed to sprinkle himself into the conversation.

He'll take the "disease of me" to a whole new level when he demands that ESPN
producers do a feature on him in South Bend polishing  all the Notre Dame helmets.
I'm sure  he'll request they incorporate clips from the movie, "Rudy", where the little
guy is drooling over the helmets being painted. That is soooo Rick Reilly.

As for Reilly asking himself if he can be wrong all year. Well, he's certainly on
a pretty good roll. He proclaimed Tiger Woods to be the winner of the U.S.
Open after the first round when he was trailing by three shots. How'd that turn
out? Then he wrote to the world that Notre Dame had become irrelevant in
college football. He knocked that one out of the park, didn't he?

Sadly, people like Rick Reilly who've morphed into info-entertainers, are
not judged on whether or not they are correct. Just like weathermen, they
can be wrong 70 percent of the time, keep their jobs and make tons of
money just as long as people are talking about them.

Am I piling on Rick Reilly? Nah. Think of it more like an Ndamukung Suh
kick to the groin. A lot of people in South Bend think Reilly should get one
of them right about now. I'm sure he'd ask ESPN to film that as well.

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