Sunday, November 11, 2012


Before Friday night, few people outside of friends, family, and General Petraeus
really knew who Paula Broadwell was. But when it was revealed that she was
the "extra" in the extra-marital affair of one of the most highly-decorated leaders this
country has ever seen, Broadwell became a household name. Thanks to Google, Facebook,
Twitter, and whatever else is out there where people can be "trending," Broadwell
has been the topic of a lot of conversations.

In the next 24 hours, nearly every part of Broadwell's life will scrutinized and publicized.
We're sure to hear from ex-boyfriends, ex-lovers, ex-classmates, and ex-friends who
will more than likely toss out Broadwell's dirty laundry for everyone to see. With every
newspaper, news magazine and news channel competing for every ratings point and
dollar, there will be a feeding frenzy on everything Paula Broadwell. She was this, she
was that, heck, she might even have been one of Tiger Woods' mistresses, which isn't
out of the question, considering he bedded nearly every woman with a pulse.

Broadwell went all in and now joins Rachel Uchitel, Ashley Dupree, Donna Rice, and
Gennifer Flowers as woman who gained fame, or infamy, depending on how you look
at it, for being the extras in the extra marital affairs with athletes and politicians. Two big differences in Broadwell's case, one she is married with two children, and two, she is a
player, as in athlete. A fitness freak, who was rated at the top of her of class at West Point, Broadwell can run circles around most woman and is strong enough to embarrass 90
percent of the men on this planet.

In January, she challenged and then humiliated Jon Stewart during a push-up contest
on "The Daily Show." She did 60 perfect push-ups to Stewart's 38. 60 push-ups! Most
men in this country can't do 25 good ones, and very few can do 50. Broadwell would
blow them away.

In July, Broadwell ran a 15k in in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her time of 1:17 was good
enough for second place in her age  group (40-44). Last November, she finished 8th
in half-marathon, clocking a time of 1:36, which turned out to be an average of 7:12
minute miles. That is moving for any good runner, and pretty impressive for a 40-year

During high school, Broadwell, whose achievements listed on LinkedIn will make your
head spin, lettered in track and cross-country, all-state in basketball and was valedictorian
and homecoming queen, as well. She has also traveled to 60 countries with about as
many degrees from prestigious colleges, including Harvard. Sitting around on the couch
and watching "Hoda & Kathie Lee" is probably not on her agenda.

Broadwell is in a jam that nobody wants to be in. But that can happen when you're a player.

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