Wednesday, November 7, 2012


ESPN. com featured a story of Linda McMahon losing her race for the senate
on Tuesay night. McMahon was never an athlete, but she happened to be a
former executive and wife to Vince McMahon, who built the WWE into a
wrestling empire and money-making machine.

I've never considered "pro" wrestling a sport, after all, it's just a bunch of
people whose bodies have been pumped up with steroids to the brink of explosion,
running around yelling and screaming in carefully choreographed skits that millions
of people with the I.Q. of 3, believe to be real. That's great. To each his own.

Linda McMahon, with her own money and like the New York Yankees, tried to
buy a title. Unlike the Yankees, who spend the most cash to win every year,
McMahon gets in the ring with her boatload of Benjamin's once every two. In 2010,
she lost to Richard Blumenthal to be the state senator representing Connecticut.
On Tuesday night, McMahon got thumped by 39-year old Chris Murphy.

Losing in politics is really no big deal, after all, Abraham Lincoln lost eight elections
during his political career. But it's how McMahon lost that is truly shocking. In
her two attempts to win a seat in the senate, McMahon, who has the warmth of a
glacier, spent nearly $100 million of her own money to try to win. $100 million
and  what did she get for it? Absolutely nothing. $100 million worth of posters
and endless television ads ripping her opponent to shreds and McMahon can't
get into the win column.

Outside of her staffers, I can't imagine there will be too many people trying to
comfort McMahon on Wednesday. Nobody feels sorry for the Yankees after they
don't win the World Series despite having a payroll over $200 million. In fact,
many people take great pleasure in seeing the Yankees fail, just as many in
Connecticut are happy that McMahon, who spends money on herself, like Dallas
owner Mark Cuban spends money on his team, lost out on her bid to "buy" a seat
in the senate. In this economy, many feel  that McMahon's extravagant campaign
was a slap  in the face of a state that is dead broke.

I'm not sure McMahon, who has a net worth of $238 million, has the resolve of
Lincoln to keep up the fight to achieve her goal, but I do have a few ideas where
McMahon might be able to find some success as a leader. Buy a sports franchise.
Be an owner. Be a Steinbrenner. In sports, just like in the political arena, you
can spend millions to win a championship and get absolutely nothing in return.

McMahon can buy a Carl Crawford, Carlos Zambrano, Jason Bay, Jason Werth,
and J.J. Putz, and get what many baseball owners often get: overpaid, overrated,
and under performing players, and NO title. Every owner in sports made their money
in something other than sports and owning a team is really just an expensive hobby
used to massage their massive egos. McMahon made money in a "sport", so now
she can put that money in the sport of her choice and buy a team.

McMahon should  strongly consider it because politics is not quite working out so
well for her. And she'd fit right in with the owners who spend millions foolishly to
never win a thing. Better yet, instead of the right fit, McMahon should do the right
thing and go down to Staten Island and drop $50 million on the recovery effort. That
might buy enough good will to win something that's actually important.

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