Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Perhaps, the bow tie that Ken Rosenthal wears is cutting off the blood supply to
his brain. The Fox Sports baseball reporter/writer stated in an "exclusive" that
Terry Francona should be re-hired by the Boston Red Sox after Bobby Valentine
gets his pink slip.

This "exclusive" comes from the same Fox Sports that recently led with a headline,
"In the Baghdad" after an Iranian wrestler won a gold medal in the Olympics.
Sorry, Baghdad's in Iraq, not Iran. Anyway, I don't know how an opinion becomes
an "exclusive" but web sites like Fox Sports have to do anything they can to get
10 views for the day.

Do you really think Francona would go back to the Red Sox after the owners smeared
his reputation on the way out about his use of painkillers and how they may have
affected his performance? No chance. Ken Rosenthal, nice tie, good cause, but please
STOP with the non-sense.

Tyler Hamilton, liar and convicted drug cheat was on the "Today" show pimping his
new book about seeing Lance Armstrong use performance-enhancing drugs. Hamilton,
a former "teammate" of Armstrong didn't have any physical evidence that Lance cheated
(Does anybody?) was misty-eyed after telling Matt Lauer he felt the weight of the world
had been lifted off his back after admitting he was a cheat and ratting out Armstrong.
Good grief. Tyler Hamilton, please STOP. You have your 15 seconds. Please leave the
stage now.

Notre Dame's marketing arm, IMG College, suspended radio analyst Allen Pinkett for 3
games after making comments that didn't reflect well on the Irish. Pinkett, a former
All-American running back in South Bend, said the team "needed a few bad citizens" to
be a great one. Not a great choice of words, but come on, a 3-game suspension? Does
everyone have a to be a Notre Dame pom-pom waving cheerleader? Isn't the love fest
that NBC puts on every Saturday, enough? Slap the guy on the wrist and move on, but
three games, STOP!

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen announced that he returned to Twitter after a nearly
3 month hiatus, or 2 months less than the siesta the entire team took during the season.
Things were a disaster for the Marlins this year, Guillen's comments about loving Fidel
Castro certainly didn't help. I can breathe again with Ozzie's announcement that he's back
on Twitter. Good grief, maybe Ryan Seacrest will break into programming to let us know
how Ozzie is trending.

Good to see Florida State beefed up their strength of schedule. The Seminoles opened
the season by beating Murray State, 69-3. This weekend, they play another powerhouse
in Savannah State.

Chad Johnson, please stop. You head-butt your wife, get arrested, fired by the Dolphins,
have your reality show cancelled, and your BFF, Terrell Owens gets released, as well.
Oh, yeah, and your wife divorced you and said you need help. Apparently, she was right.
You got a tattoo of her on your leg? Loooooooooooser, she's not coming back. You're
unemployed, headed for jail, and you Tweet like a 16-year old high school girl.

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