Monday, August 27, 2012


Amazing how Tiger Woods has turned into a house of cards. With the exception
of his three wins, the guy has been playing psycho golf over the last 36 holes of
tournaments and just falls apart. His drives are all over the place and he's become
Scott Hoch from 3-feet out. Tiger used to be automatic from within five feet.
Now he looks like a nervous wreck and every tap in is an adventure. One of those
strippers must still be in his head.

T.O. gets cut in Seattle. I'm crushed. Perhaps, the New York Jets will give him a shot.
The Jets are a circus and every great one needs a freak show. T.O. could be it.

I wonder what Chad Johnson is doing these days?

Have you ever seen three guys be happier to get out of Boston than Adrian Gonzalez,
Josh Beckett, and Nick Punto. They packed their bags before the trade was even made
official and were pictured on Twitter flying the corporate jet the LA Dodgers sent for
them. Beckett, was grinning from ear-to-ear, his first smile of any kind in about two

Jim Irsay, owner and GM of the Indianapolis Colts, took a lot of heat for sending
Peyton Manning on his merry way. But after watching Andrew Luck in preseason, I
don't think anyone in the state is complaining about his bold decision. Luck is a
stud and is far better than Manning ever was in his rookie season.

I'm wondering if the Dodgers woke up the day after the big trade with the Red Sox
and said, "We took an injured Carl Crawford and his entire $100 million contract? What
the hell were we thinking."

Thank God the Hope Solo tour has taken a breather. I couldn't keep track of all the
coaches, dancers, and teammates who shoved, scratched, or harassed her.

Bobby Valentine will have gone another year without having won a division title in
his 16 seasons of managing. Yep, Bobby V., smartest man in the history of the game.

Diana Nyad just got stung by another jellyfish.

The Washington Nationals are one of the best teams in baseball. I'm wondering what
Jim Riggleman is thinking. He quit managing the team just over a year ago because
the GM wouldn't talk to him about an extension during the middle of the season.
He walked out on a $700,000-a-year job. Good thing he's a man of principle.

I know you all hate Roger Clemens, but I loved watching him pitch at the age of
50 on Saturday. He will be taking the mound for the Houston Astros in the Major
Leagues soon, even if they aren't a major league team. Clemens is still trying to
prove to Dan Duquette that he's not in the "twilight of his career."

Paging Lolo Jones, paging Lolo Jones. Where are you?

Lance Armstrong's foundation has raised almost a half-a-BILLION dollars for
cancer research, which is by far the most of any athlete charity in the world. I think
that's far more important than the seven Tour de France titles Armstrong was stripped
of. By the way, Armstrong still hasn't failed a drug test. He got taken down by
"witnesses", those who were teammates that actually failed tests and lied about it.
Yeah, and witnesses never lie.

Roger Clemens is working out this morning. ESPN is live on the scene.

Put big money down on me today. I'm playing the Chinese Badminton team
before lunch.

Few things can be worse in life than having to live with Stephen A. Smith.

Red Sox owner John Henry will probably barge into a Boston radio station this
morning, uninvited as usual, and claim that he never wanted to trade Carl Crawford,
Josh Beckett is the godfather of his new child, and Adrian Gonzalez only texted
to tell him about the video the team made featuring the song, "Call Me Maybe."

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