Monday, July 9, 2012


Shortly after signing with the New York Yankees in 1977, Reggie Jackson summed
up his importance to the franchise when he uttered the words that stuck to him like the
peanuts to the caramel on the god-awful candy bar that was named after him. They
came out just as bad as the "Reggie Bar's" did when they rolled out of the chocolate

"This team, it all from me," Jackson told SPORT magazine. "I'm the straw that stirs the
drink. Maybe I should say me and (Thurman) Munson, but he can only stir it bad." If anyone
had come up with, "WTF?" back in the late 70's, it would've been plastered all over those
comments by Jackson. Jackson had dissed Munson, the Yankees captain and one of the
most beloved players in franchise history. He not only announced his presence with
authority, but made a blasphemous remark about the heart and soul of the Bronx Bombers.

Nearly 25 years after dropping that bomb on Munson and the Big Apple, the Hall of Fame outfielder, had another case of brain freeze and diarrhea of the mouth. In an interview with
Sports Ilustrated, Jackson, who has been paid handsomely to represent the Yankees, turned
into sandpaper once again. He said the admitted PED use of Alex Rodriquez tainted his 
numbers (true, and I don't have problem with it) but it almost certainly will cause a 
distraction the Yankees don't need, especially from a person who has long since hung up 
the spikes.

Mr. October also questioned the enshrinement of Kirby Puckett, Bert Blyleven, Jim Rice, 
and even the late Gary Carter into the Hall of Fame. Many felt the jab at Carter was in 
extremely poor taste after the former catcher succumbed to cancer just a short time ago.

The Yankees couldn't do very much when Jackson, who belted 563 home runs during his
career, talked stupid and insulted Munson in 1977, but they didn't have any problem making
him go away this time around. The franchise ordered Jackson to stay away from all things
Yankees, including players, games, events, and just about everything that involves the
pinstripers. They have pretty much put an electric fence around Jackson and his mouth 
and said bye-bye for now. Jackson did try to apologize to manager Joe Girardi, A-Rod, 
and the front-office, but it didn't do any good. Jackson is persona non grata until he's told otherwise.

I'm sure there are thousand of people in the baseball circles who are smiling, laughing, and
saying, "it's about time somebody shut that guy up." Jackson, like Brett Favre, Tiki Barber,
and Terrell Owens always had the disease of me. Great talents for sure, but everything always
had to be about them. And when nobody is talking about them, they get a bad case of Attention
Deficit Disorder. However, there isn't a box of Ritalin big enough to help them with their
problem when they feel the need for attention. They either do something, or say something 
that's puts them back in the spotlight, where everyone talks about them, whether it's good 
or bad. 

Good for the Yankees, they did something few people have ever done to the "straw
that stirs the drink." They put a muzzle on him and made him to disappear. Jackson 
struck out 2,579 times, the most in Major League history. But his recent
comments about A-Rod and the questionable Hall of Famers, rank as a few of the 
biggest of his career.

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