Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The last time we saw Amare Stoudemire, the Knicks star was leaving America
Airlines Arena after punching the plate glass panel of a fire extinguish. He gashed
his hand and missed the rest of the playoffs against the Miami Heat. Nearly two months
after that boneheaded move, Stoudemire appears to be suffering the affects of post-
traumatic stress, or flat-out embarrassment.

Stoudemire said he has sought out Hakeem Olajuwon, the Hall of Fame center who once
dominated the NBA with moves that caused opponents to suffer multiple ankle breaks.
Give Stoudemire credit for trying to improve his game, but you have to wonder if he's
caught a case of Antoine Walker disease, where he tries to vaporize his bank account as
quickly as possible.

Stoudemire will pay Olajuwon the hefty sum of $100,000 for a two-week session with
the former Houston Rockets center, airfare not included. In fact, the hotel, car, spa, food
and drinks are not included either. $100,000 is the flat-rate that Stoudemire will pay the
man known as "The Dream" during his illustrious career, for his expertise. He'll get
instruction on how to deliver the most dangerous low-post moves in the history of the
game. That is what you call a bargain, a blue-light special, and a steal of a deal. $100,000
to learn how to drop step and pivot down on the blocks? Woo-hoo!

Now, Stoudemire makes $20 million a year and has banked more than $200 million in
his career, so $100,000 is probably just a drop in the bucket to him. But I'm sure Antoine
Walker, the former NBA star who blew more than $150 million of his earnings, thought
the same thing. "Ah, it's only $100,000, I've got a lot more where that's coming from."

$100,000 for two weeks of basketball therapy? I'm thinking that in this economy, Stoudemire
could've pushed for a better deal. He doesn't even get warm towels after his training sessions.


Chad has his Johnson back. The former Bengals receiver and Patriots dropper is Chad Johnson
once again. He legally dropped Ochocinco from his driver's license and jersey and is back
to his original name. That whole Ochocinco thing might've been funny and flashy, but it really
wasn't working out of him. Check out the stats of Chad as Johnson and Ochocinco:
                    Chad Johnson (7 seasons): 80 rec., 1,195 yards, 7 TD's
                    Chad Ochocinco (4 seasons): 52 rec., 674 yards, 5 TDs

His production clearly went down and apparently, so did his brain power. While in New
England when he was Ochocinco, Chad had trouble comprehending the playbook, never
earning the trust of Tom Brady or Bill Belichick. Perhaps, Johnson can connect the dots
with this new team, the Miami Dolphins.

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