Friday, May 11, 2012


After watching Terrell Owens cry like a baby on the Dr. Phil show, I thought I had pretty
much seen it all. The dead beat dad was getting battered by the three mothers of his eight children
that he's never seen. Or is it nine? I forget. It doesn't matter. The former NFL receiver is a train

The news cycle rinsed away T.O., hopefully, for good, and then came the despicable cover of
TIME magazine, which was once the gold standard of all news magazines. Not anymore. The
magazine officially entered the world of those that have little to do with substance and everything
to do with style and sleaze. They went for shock value with a cover that blew up Twitter,
Facebook, and just about every news and entertainment show on the planet, and Lord knows,
there are too many of them. The cover story was about attached moms and breast-feeding, or something like that. It didn't really matter. Nobody was talking about that. Instead, everyone was focusing on a little kid, not an infant, sucking on the boob of a hot blonde, who is allegedly his mother.

At first glance, I thought it was an old cover of National Lampoon magazine or some whacked
out fetish periodical. After all, in this day and age where anything goes, can you blame me?
A young, beautiful mother with a kid who is probably on Facebook and Twitter already, standing
on a chair and sucking on the breast of his mother for the entire world to see. Forever. I know it's
a rhetorical question, but is nothing sacred anymore? I guess we can all answer that question by
looking at some of the pictures that are posted on Facebook these days.

What kind of mother allows her and her kid to be pictured doing an act like that on a magazine
cover such as Time? And make no mistake, it was an act. When you pose for a photographer
with all kinds of lighting with your kid sucking on your breast, it is an act. I wonder how that's
going to play out at the country club or with her 1,848 friends on Facebook. I wonder what kind
of taunts  that kid is going to get when he reaches the first grade. That picture is going to follow
that kid forever and guaranteed to make him the subject of abuse, probably for the rest of his life.

The people at Time magazine have sunk to a level reserved for Snooki and the disgraced producer
of the "Girls Gone Wild" franchise. This cover is pure garbage. Oh, yes, I understand shock value
and doing something that creates a buzz and has everybody talking. I understand the old adage
that "bad publicity is better than no publicity." I get all of that and how to generate views, hits,
and ratings. But this cover is a disgrace.  Imagine if your kid sees this cover and comes up to you
and asks for an explanation what the heck are you going to say?

And why didn't they put some homely mother on the cover? No, they had to get some stunning
blonde that would catch the attention of everybody. Then they throw in some kid feeding on her breast like it's his last meal. Insane. Just really, really insane and just another example how really steep the decline of character and moral fiber in our society is.

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