Tuesday, May 15, 2012


You don't have to look at their stats to realize these players are ridiculously overpaid.
All you have to do is look at the zeroes on the end of their paychecks. Here are the most
overpaid players in the game right now. I realize Albert Pujols is still riding the Interstate with
one home run, but he's been incredible for the last 11 years, so he gets a pass.

10. ALEX RODRIGUEZ YANKEES $29 MILLION New York got suckered into giving
      A-Rod that big extension. Oh, he still can get hot once in awhile, but he's on the back nine
      of his career and in decline. The Yankees are paying a lot for him to flirt with breaking the
      all-time home run record, but the way A-Rod has been breaking down, he's not going to
      surpass Barry Bonds. And will anybody even care if he does? The HR king is a tainted
      title that I'm not sure A-Rod even wants. Don't worry 'bout getting the popcorn ready for
      this one.

  9  ALEX RIOS $12 MILLION WHITE SOX. Talk about getting a lot of bang for your
      buck, Rios has one home run this year. An invitation to the Home Run Derby at the All-Star
      Game is forthcoming. Boy genius J.P Richardi gave Rios a monster deal in Toronto and
      Anthopolous got Kenny Williams to swallow the contract. Chicago still owes Rios $25
      million after this year.
  8. JASON BAY METS $18.1 MILLON. He's become the human band-aid. Always getting
      hurt and can't handle the pressure of playing in the Big Apple. When he plays, Bay looks
      almost feeble and overmatched at the plate.

  7. AJ BURNETT PIRATES $16.5 MILLION The Yankees want to get rid of AJ so
     badly, they paid the Pirates to take him. Burnett got a ring with New York, but his greatest
     contribution to the team was starting the post-game interview pie face that nearly every
     team employs today. Way to go, AJ.

 6. CARLOS ZAMBRANO MARLINS $18,000,000 No wonder former Cubs GM Jim
      Hendry got the boot out of the Windy City. He gave Zambrano and Alfonso Soriano
      (See below) monster contracts that became obscene just a few years into them. Zambrano
      became such a head case and a human volcano that nobody on the team wanted to play
      with him anymore. Cubs GM Theo Epstein dumped the "Big Z" on Miami and is paying
      all but about a nickel of his salary.

  5. ALFONSO SORIANO CUBS $18,000,000. Really? Think of how Eddie Murphy
      laughs when he hears something really absurd. This is absurd. Soriano can't play defense,
      or run. He can still hit a little bit, but for $18 million, the guy should be hitting 40 jacks
      a year.
  4. VERNON WELLS ANGELS $21,000,000 His albatross of a contract got two general 
      managers fired. Then Toronto GM J.P. Riccardi gifted Wells with a 7-year, $126 million
      contract in 2006. Bye, bye J.P. New GM Alex Anthopolous pulled the biggest sucker job
      in baseball history when he convinced Angels GM Tony Reagins to take Wells and the
      remaining $80 million on his contract. No chipping in with the price tag. Nothing. They
      actually received Mike Napoli and Juan Rivera in return. Bye, bye Reagins. Wells is no better
      than Endy Chavez now.

  3. BARRY ZITO GIANTS $19,000,000 He should've been put in Alcatraz a long time 
      ago for stealing San Francisco's money. Oh, the former Cy Young award winner is 
      starting to pitch like Miquel Batista this year, but he's been a bust with the Giants no 
      matter how you slice it. The guy can play a mean guitar, though.

  2. JOE MAUER TWINS $23,000,000 Some may be surprised to see Mauer up this 
      high on the list, but when you're making $23 million per year, you need to produce. 
      I realize Mauer hit for a high average early in his career, but anyone making this type 
      of bread needs to put up some power numbers. Mauer has never driven in 100 runs in 
      his career. Makes good Head & Shoulders commercials, though.

  1. CARL CRAWFORD RED SOX $19,500,000. seriously, the guy has been hurt and
      invisible since signing with the Red Sox in the winter of 2011. After Edgar Renteria,
      Crawford has melted the most in the Boston spotlight. Theo Epstein gave a player who
      never hit 20 home runs a $140 million contract. What a waste.


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