Friday, April 13, 2012


I was just wondering if Bobby Petrino was out of the country or perhaps on the moon when
the whole Tiger Woods scandal went down. A great life shattered by sex on the side. Is it ever
worth it? I think not.

I was just wondering if anyone would like to see a steel cage death match between Bobby
Valentine and Curt Schilling as much as me.

I was just wondering why Valentine is made out to be such a genius when, for all his given
baseball IQ, he's never won a division title or World Series in his 15 years of managing. Terry Francona won two World Series titles in his eight years in Boston and nobody even puts him
on the Dean's list.

I was wondering why the Indianapolis Colts needed to interview Robert Griffin III again.
Didn't they scout all his games, see his workouts, or get enough information from his previous interviews? Perhaps, they just wanted to make sure he could spell Wonderlic correctly. I'm
glad the Heisman Trophy winner said no to their request. Waste of time.

I was just wondering if any player big-time player has become as insignificant as Alex Rodriquez
has. The Yankees third baseman has been invisible.

I was just wondering why Ryan Howard needed to build a $23 million home. Unless, he has
12 kids by 11 different woman like Shawn Kemp, I just don't see the point. I would tell Howard
to see Antoine Walker, Allen Iverson, and Mike Tyson and talk to them about the perils of
excessive spending.

I was just wondering which professional athlete is going to go all Jim Everett on Skip Bayless
of ESPN. Remember when the former Rams QB attacked Jim Rome for calling him "Chris
Everett?" Jalen Rose called him and his 1.4 points per game average in JV basketball out the
other day. But I really think Bayless is going to the get the sledge hammer from some annoyed
athlete pretty soon.

I was just wondering where the heck is Carl Crawford. I know he's been injured but I think
the Red Sox are just hoping Crawford and his $140 million just disappears.

I was wondering how the vaunted Boston media not only missed the divorce of Red Sox GM
Ben Cherington and ESPN's Wendi Nix, but Cherington's marriage to his new girl. They are
slipping. Nice work by Big Ben, though. Maybe he borrowed Theo's gorilla suit to court his
new girl without anyone noticing.

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