Monday, March 12, 2012


The trustees at Penn State are truly, truly sad. On Monday, they threw a dead man, Joe
Paterno, under the bus, again. And just to make sure everybody in the country knows who
to blame for the alleged child-abuse scandal at Penn State, they backed it up, and rolled
over the legendary football coach again.

The trustees, who have been criticized by alumni and fans of Penn State for the way in
which they handled the mess created by former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, and
the subsequent firing of Paterno, who turned Penn State into a cash cow from a cow
school, issued a statement saying that Paterno was terminated on Nov. 9, 2011 because of
a "failure of leadership."

Although, Paterno "fulfilled a legal obligation to relay an employee's accusation of
witnessing alleged abuse, Paterno should've done more," the trustees said. Oh, sure, Paterno
gave the trustees an easy out and a sacrificial lamb when he stated after he was fired that he regretted that he didn't do more, putting the entire blame on himself, even
though, the dumbest man on the planet knew that wasn't the truth. And of course, why not
throw more blame on a person who is not around to defend themselves. But that's just
become the American way, hasn't it?

It's amazing how Paterno took his share of the blame but nobody else at Penn State did.
Not the president, athletic director, or a single trustee stood up and said, "we all screwed up."
Not one. Even though a local paper said months before he was arrested that Sandusky was
being investigated on all these charges, everyone at Penn State seemed shocked when
Sandusky got fingerprinted and his mugshot taken. Pa-lease! These trustees and
administrators will tell you they are greatly educated men, yet they never saw any of this
coming. Right.

The trustees needed a bona fide scapegoat and Paterno was surely it. The man who built the
Penn State empire would be the one to take the fall. It still shocks me the trustees and administration treated JoPa as if it were he that committed the crimes that Sandusky
is being accused of.

Once it came out in the grand jury report that Paterno went to his bosses and told them
about the alleged allegations that happened in the shower in 2002, all of a sudden Paterno "should've done more."  Why the hell isn't anybody asking why the administration didn't do
more? Why have they gotten a free pass? And why the heck does everybody think that the
grand jury report is 100 percent the truth? If everything that's in the grand jury report is
the truth, why the heck do we waste time and money with a trial? Just throw those suckers
in jail! It's like Mark Zuckerberg's character famously said in "The Social Network", 'Oh, I
guess it's the first time somebody under oath never lied'.

This is another embarrassment to Penn State. And it's getting easier to see how this scandal
was allowed to happen in the first place and grow to epic proportions. The administrators
and trustees  in Happy Valley have no clue, no spine, and no guts.

Sure, keep blaming it on the dead guy when he's six feet under. "Failure of leadership?"
Where is your leadership? Why don't you quit pointing the finger at someone who's not
around to defend himself? Paterno took the bullet for a lot of people and covered the
backside of many  whom he made rich at fat at Penn State.

"Failure of leadership?" How sad is that? Just when you thought the whole story at Penn
 State couldn't get any sadder, it does. The blame game is alive and well in America. It's
 part of our culture, why should any of us be surprised?

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