Friday, March 9, 2012


Dwight Howard wants to be traded from the Orlando Magic. Depending on the day, he
wants to be shipped to Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, or New Jersey. He wants to be "the guy"
on the team, the guy who gets the last shot and the one reporters talk to first after every game.
Dwight Howard wants it all, and like Veruca Salt, he wants it now, or at least by March 15,
which is the NBA's trade deadline.

Haven't we gone through this before? Didn't Lebron James create this kind of ridiculous situation? How'd that turn out for King James? He went from being a player that many of us admired for
his jaw-dropping skills and likable personality to one of the most hated athletes in the sports
world today. We liked him because he was born and raised in Ohio and was helping the Cavaliers, who before he got there, were a downtrodden franchise, as pathetic as the Cleveland Browns.
But he didn't care about finishing what he started like Michael Jordan did in Chicago. It became all about "me, me, and more me".

Dwight Howard has the "disease of me" now.  His owners have already made him a gazillionaire
many times over and they are getting the LeBron James treatment from Howard. Every town the Orlando Magic go to, Howard's teammates have to answer questions about the Howard trade talk being a distraction.

Howard doesn't care because he's addicted to attention and he's getting his fix morning,
noon, and night. There's no question that Howard is a Hall of Fame talent and he'll get another
$150 million dollars as a free-agent if that happens this summer. Now, the Magic have to figure
out if they want to trade him next week or lose him for nothing like the Cavs did when they didn't unload LeBron when the they had the chance, then watched him embarrass the city on national television with "The Decision," which turned out to be the dumbest decision LeBron ever made.

The owners of the Magic should learn from the hierarchy of the Cavaliers. Trade him now and end
the ridiculousness and charade.  Don't get embarrassed in front of millions like the Cavs did almost
two years ago. And Howard should learn from James. He should see how LeBron got everything
hewanted but respect. He should see how LeBron was voted as one the most hated athletes in
sports. He should see that LeBron can never go home again without hearing the hate. Dwight, learn from LeBron or you will suffer the same fate as "the Chosen One."

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