Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Boston Red Sox announced they have banned beer in the clubhouse and on flights home
from road trips. I'm for this because it's one less liquored up idiot on the road we all have
to worry about. Why beer become such a big part of the game in the first place, is beyond me.
But we do live in a copy cat world and somewhere along the line one big star drank after a
game, and many players followed suit.

As for the Red Sox, they'll make like they are the first team in baseball to ban beer in the
clubhouse, because after all, John Henry, Larry Luchino, and Tom Werner pretty much think
they invented the Green Monster,  regional television, and luxury suites. No question, they
are good owners who look even better because the previous ownership was so bad.

The Red Sox are the 19th major league team that's banned beer from the clubhouse.  I'm sure
when legal departments in franchises throughout the game figured out they could be held
responsible for  a player killing someone after they get all liquored up courtesy of the
organization, they told the big suits it'd be a good idea to can all the beer. It really amazes me
that EVERY team hasn't banned beer by now. Perhaps, they just don't want to upset their
million-dollar players and their Galaxy-sized egos.

When manager Bobby Valentine told the team that booze is banned from now on, I'm sure
there were enough WTF's? to fill up Fenway Park. It will be interesting to how the players
respond to this. It's not so much as beer being banned, as it is grown-up "men" and multi-
millionaires being told what to do. You think you're 16-year old daughter likes being told
what to do? Trying imposing your will and rules on athletes who've been told and treated
like they are special all their lives. Many players don't like Valentine in  the first place, now
comes the first salvo in the first chapter of Bobby V.  Players may accept the drinking ban,
but they just might start to turn down the volume on the V network a little sooner. Like now.

Red Sox management pulled the suds out of the buds because they are still trying to hold  
someone accountable for their late-season collapse in 2011. They made Terry Francona a
scapegoat, whom they shoud've erected a statue for,  and didn't really blink when Theo Epstein
took a call from the Chicago Cubs and asked his bosses if he could take the first flight out
of Boston. Making John Lackey the whipping boy and embarrassing Carl Crawford for his embarrassing first year performance wasn't enough. The Red Sox had to ban the beer. Yep,
that's it. That will return us to October glory, they say. Please.

The Red Sox did pretty well in 2004 and 2007 when they won the World Series, didn't
they? They knew Kevin Millar and several players were doing shots of Jack Daniels before
playoff games but never did anything about it. Why? Because they were w-i-n-n-i-n-g! Those
things are colorful when you win, but when you lose, well, um, somebody must do something
and be accountable, right?

Boston always has to have a scapegoat, always. Bet Wes Welker can't wait until training camp

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