Monday, February 13, 2012


How great was that to see Bill Belichick playing golf in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in a Hoodie!
Classic Belichick and just classic. He's done for Hoodie's what Ashton Kutcher did for Twitter.
The Patriots head coach actually smiled once or twice which also falls under the category of
the headline. The guy can play, too. I don't think Hoodie had picked up a club since before training camp and he was playing better than Tiger Woods did in his final round.

How great was that to see Phil Mickelson come from six strokes down in the final round at Pebble
Beach to win the tournament. Lefty was lethal with the putter and Tiger, who was paired with
Mickelson over the last 18 holes, must've been in serious pain as he crumbled and had to watch
Lefty make some incredible shots on his way to his 40th career victory, proving the man with the man
boobs is not done yet.

How great was that to see Nicklas Lindstrom of the Detroit Red Wings to set a  record
on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Flyers. The Red Wings seven-time winner of the
Norris Trophy (Best defenseman) played in his 1,550th game with Detroit, making Lindstrom
the leader in games played with one team in franchise history. Former Wings great Alex
Devechhio had the previous mark of 1,449 games with one team. 20 years with one team
in this day and age of free-agency and chasing the almighty dollar is pretty amazing.

How great was that to Jeremy Lin lead the Knicks to a fifth consecutive win on Saturday against
the Timberwolves. The Harvard graduate is averaging 25 points a game and running the offense
like Bob Cousy. Forget about "Tebowmania", Lin has created the most buzz across two countries
since Fernando Valenzuala came out of nowhere to author "Fernandomania", which was truly
a phenomenon. Hope the Knicks don't mess things up with Carmelo Anthony comes backs and
starts demanding to get the ball and his points.

How great was that to see Bill Murray at Pebble Beach once again. Murray IS Pebble Beach.
It's the four greatest days of the year when he can act like all the characters from "Caddyshack".
Murray channeled his inner Carl Spackler on Saturday, wearing a camouflage outfit. It didn't
look very comfortable, but it was pretty funny.

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