Friday, February 17, 2012


Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter passed away on Thursday after battling brain cancer.
I loved Carter and the way he played. And for those who thought he was a phony with his
ever present smile and positive attitude, just go back and look at all his pictures over the years,
same guy, never changed. I was at Game 6 of the 1986 World Series and will never forget
his clutch two-out single that propelled the Mets to an incredible comeback. Carter never smoked,
drank, juiced, or strayed from wife, which you can't say for the rest of that team that included
Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Lenny Dykstra, Kevin Mitchell, Keith Hernandez and
many others. Carter's death is just another example of life not being fair and a case of only
the good dying young.

Everything that comes out of his mouth or Twitter account seems to be stupid. On another
return to Cleveland, King Dumb Ass said he wouldn't rule out finishing his career with the
Cavs. First of all, I don't think Cleveland would want you back, Lebron. Secondly , I'm
sure Miami Heat owner Mickey Arison, who is paying you more than $100 million, loved
hearing that. Same goes for his teammates. As always, it's always about Lebron.

Allen Iverson wants to make an NBA comeback. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact
that he's flat broke after draining the $150 million in his career. I'm sure he'll change his attitude
about practice now. I mean, we are talking about paying the bills now, we're not talking about
buying $150,000 cars and $850,000 worth of bling, we're talking about paying the bills, not
buying luxury items, but paying the bills! Maybe he can check in with Antoine Walker, who
torched his $175 million fortune.


After sitting out the year, Randy Moss said he's coming back to the NFL next year. I'm sure
after not playing for a season, the 35-year old receiver has gotten bigger, stronger, and faster.
The last time he played, Moss got traded by the Patriots, who didn't have any deep threats,
cut the Vikings, and was ignored when he played for the Titans. I'm sure there are teams lined
up for the services of Moss. And I don't think anyone has forgotten about his tirade against
a caterer in Minnesota, calling the services free food, "dog"---something. Bill Belichick saw
Moss' declining skills and that should be enough for other teams to say, "no, thanks."  And
isn't it amazing, the transformation in Moss' personality after he got desperate? He's making
videos and tweeting like he's the second coming of howdy doody. Seriously? I'm sure he'll
want "straight cash, homey."

Have a great weekend.

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