Saturday, February 25, 2012


God is back in the sports world in again. After taking batting practice where the media
reported that Manny Ramiriez "hit seven home runs" (since when did balls hit out of the
park in a round of BP count? Get a life all you Buster Olney's), the newest member of the
Oakland A's said this:

"I'm here because God brought me here. I know a lot of people are, 'Oh, he's not going to
play anymore,' but you know something? When God says that they're going to open the
door for you, no matter what anyone says, the door is going to open. That's why I'm here."

Here we go again. It started in the off-season when Albert Pujols said God was going
to decide  where he would sign in the off-season. The $300 million he got from the Angels
had absolutely nothing to do with it. Then we had "Tebowmania" and his Lord and savior,
Jesus Christ, thing. Now, we have Manny Ramirez of all people, giving his props
to The Man.

I'm just curious about Ramirez and him being a member of the God squad. I'd ask Manny
if  God  told him to throw down a 67-year old traveling secretary for the Red Sox who
couldn't accommodate Manny's last minute request to get him 16 tickets to that night's game.
Did God tell Manny to  take performing enhancing drugs that made him fail numerous
drug tests? Did  God tell Manny to walk out on the Tampa Bay Rays after they took
a chance on him?

I'm not being sacrilegious here. I was raised a strong Catholic, but all this God stuff
in sports is a little much. Next thing you know, God will get a Twitter account and ESPN
will post all his tweets. As far  as Manny Ramirez goes, God had little to do with his signing
with the A's.  Nobody else wanted him. The A's are desperate for fans and some attention,
kind of like Kim Kardashian. They took a flier on him and are paying him $500,000, which
in the real world  is huge iron, but in baseball, it's a salary that's laughed at.

The A's were desperate and so was Manny Ramirez. It was a perfect match. Note to Manny: 
God is not like Chuck Woolery who used to make "Love Connections" after being back 
in "2 and 2". God is not Scott Boras, who tells his clients to take the most money, regardless of whether you have to play in San Francisco or the St. Paul Saints.

Perhaps, God is really just a basketball player in disguise now, who wears high-tops and 
plays for the Knicks. But he surely had nothing to do with Manny signing with the A's.

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  1. Tebow was fun- If you don't like Tebow and claim to have faith Id check yourself and find out why.
    I ran into Manny at a mall way before he failed any drug tests- the guy was as wide as he was tall. Id say Manny has a bit of Jailhouse religion going on. Albert it seems is a solid dude who gives a lot of his cash away, no reason to doubt he seeked God on were to sign, again you take a shot at a guy of faith- whats really your deal? BTW i cringe sometimes when someone thanks their god after a game- i think i will check myself also