Thursday, February 9, 2012


Boston is the best sports town in the country, bar none. If you've lived, worked, and been
a part of the community, then you know what I'm talking. The town wreaks of sports history
and it sometimes feels Larry Bird, Bobby Orr, Carl Yastremski, and Bill Russell are walking
the streets with the people. There have been more parades down Boyleston Street than
any city in the country and the Duck Boats have been used so often they are being replaced
and sold on EBay. The fans are knowledgeable and passionate, but the words classy,
well-behaved and respectful, would never make it into this sentence. As Bill Belichick
often says, "it is what it is."

After years of futility and frustration, the floodgates opened for Boston sports fans in
2001 when they won the Super Bowl. Since then, Boston has celebrated six major sports championship, in addition to four national titles in college hockey (3 for BC, 1 for BU). The abundance of riches is truly amazing, and probably a little sickening if you're not a Boston
fan. They have celebrity rock-star athletes like Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia,
Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, there are a few on the Bruins, but unless you live in Boston,
you'll have no idea the names  I'm talking about it.

Now, the sky is falling in Boston just like old times. The Red Sox choked on the
chalapua (or chicken wings) down the stretch and self-destructed. The blame game
followed. Terry Francona "resigned" and Theo Esptein said yes to the Chicago Cubs
before they even offered him a contract. There was no way he was sticking around to deal
with Larry Lucchino, who has been known to channel his "Evil Empire".  People in
Boston were abandoning the good ship Fenway after the fiasco.

Things have been  compounded by the Patriots second consecutive loss in a Super Bowl.
All of a sudden Belichick can't coach, Welker can't catch, and Brady can't keep his wife's
mouth shut. Vinny in Revere says, "The Patriots are frauds." Ronnie in Sommerville has
burned his Brady jersey. And Mike in Everrit says the game has "passed Belichick by."
Sports talk radio has been lit up with the "fellowship of the miserable", depressed callers
with no life, trying to bring the Patriots down to theirs.

Boston is town/city that couldn't handle defeat when they never won anything, now
they're showing they can't handle it either, when they've been used to winning everything.
They would shove it down the throats of non-Boston fans when they won, but they can't
handle the taste of it when other teams win.

We know this. Sports has gotten out of control. We've seen that with the brutal fights
in the streets of Philadelphia and at Dodgers Stadium. While I'm at it, I might as well
through in Egypt soccer game, where the aftermath left 74 people dead. What the hell is
going on here?

Fans today actually think they are part of the team. They refer to the team as "WE".
What position did you play in the game? Did you get your head busted up on a kick-off?
You "WE" guys, are not part of the team, you're just living out some weird type of fantasy.

Boston fans, be grateful for what you have. No city has seen victory as often as Boston
in the last 10 years. You have 7 major championships over the span. Atlanta can't spell
championship, much less ever win one. The only championship Charlotte ever sees are
the ones that nobody besides Vern and Jethro care about.

Boston show some grace, show some class. You've won a lot of things. Act like you've
been there before. We've seen your act when you've lost, and it's not very becoming of the
best sports town in the world.

I realize you always have to have a scapegoat. Buckner wore the horns far too long. Terry
Francona, the best manager in Red Sox history had to take the fall for others, which was
truly sad. Now, you want to point the finger at Wes Welker, a blood and guts receiver who
has done incredible things for the Patriots.  People in Boston make like Brady's pass hit him
between the numbers. It didn't. Brady deserves just as much blame for an off-the-mark pass
to a guy who was WIDE open.

I realize  Boston has been in a championship drought, after all, they haven't hoisted a trophy
since last June when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Must be tough. Be seriously, Boston.
Quit crying and pointing the finger at somebody. Appreciate what you have, because what
you have is something others would kill for. But they could do without the crying.

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