Wednesday, February 15, 2012


What the heck happened to Bruce Jenner? He certainly isn't the guy I remembered winning
the gold medal in the decathlon in the 1976 Olympic Games. They called him the "world's
greatest athlete" back then, and with all-American looks, he seemed destined for really big
things. 36 years after having a wreath placed upon his head, Jenner appears to now have
a ball and chain around his ankle. His fall from real American hero to part of the reality train 
wreck that is the Kardashian's, is really quite fascinating.

Something must've happened to Jenner as soon as he crossed the finish line in Montreal. With
the cameras focusing on his beautiful wife crying after seeing her husband win a gold medal,
Jenner just kept on running and running, and running some more. Jenner was in a full out
sprint for fame and fortune. He was on the cover of the Wheaties box, sponsors adored him
and his wholesome image, and he made a niche for himself as a sports analyst. Jenner had
dollars signs in his eyes and didn't need anything holding him back, so naturally, he thought
dumping his first wife would allow him to pursue his dreams.

Jenner wanted to be a movie star and appeared in several made-for-tv programs like
"Grambling's White Tiger," where he played a quarterback and was the only white man
in an all-black school. His performance wasn't worthy of an Emmy, or an ESPY,
for that matter. Jenner pretty much faded into oblivion. I guess that's where he went to have
that awful plastic surgery done. What happened to his nose? His face? That all-American
image? It looked like Jenner went to the same plastic surgeon that Michael Jackson did.

The former gold medalist came back big in "Skating With The Stars." You never saw that
debacle? Neither did anyone else, that's why it got canned quickly. But Jenner found his
meal ticket and fix for attention when the Kardashian's became part of our culture. (How
sad is that statement? The Kardashian's became part of our culture. Only in America.)
Jenner married the Kardashian who had been married to one of the lawyers representing
O.J. Do you feel the need to shower yet? This story is getting slimy.

Anyway, you know the rest. The reality show, the drama, the 2-minute marriage between
Kim and Kris Humphries, which the entire Kardashian clan has taken a beating for. And
rightfully so. Every part of that production was done for the almighty dollar.

But now, Jenner is putting his foot down for the time since he crushed his competition in
the decathlon in 1976. He is not going to take it anymore. Jenner told Ellen DeGeneres
on her show that when it comes to men and relationships with Kim that "the next guy has 
to go through me."

Wow, that sounds like that has the makings of a reality show to me. "You want to 
date Kim? We'll then  you have to go through me." I'm thinking steel-cage death 
match on the E network. Brilliant. A real ratings grabber. Jenner vs. Kris Humphries
with Joey Buttofucco and Amy Fisher on the undercard. Or perhaps, the failed 
Lenny Dykstra-Jose Canseco match can be resurrected.

Jenner also noted in his interviewing with DeGeneres that he and his wife Kris, 
have to make sure Kim makes "better decisions". Um, excuse me. You probably 
should've talked with her after she made that sex tape. Were you out to lunch on 
that one? Or perhaps, getting a touch up from your plastic surgeon?

Bruce Jenner. What the heck happened to you?


  1. You're so right. I used to idolize Bruce in High School when he competed in the Decathlon. I bought and kept the Wheaties box with him on the cover and read his book. He had it all and then threw it away and then got weird. I knew he hit bottom, when I saw "Late Night" one evening and Lettterman said "What happend to Bruce Jenner's face!?" It's such a shame..

  2. Maybe they killed the original Bruce Jenner and replaced him with somebody else. Bad plastic surgery was then performed on the replacement to fool the public that it was still the original Bruce Jenner. Isn't it strange that so many celebrities have had such terrible plastic surgery? If there was a car mechanic that screwed up people's cars, would he stay in business?

  3. It is an episode of the twilight zone