Tuesday, January 10, 2012


MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is about to get a three-year contract
averaging $22 million a year. Really? $22 million a year? Wow. It's
another case of being in the right place when the Golden Goose lays
all her eggs. Thanks to ESPN, the Internet, and Direct TV, MLB
has become a multi-BILLION dollar business. Did Bud have anything
to do with it? Not really. He presided over baseball during the Steroid
era and MLB was the last major sport to have its own television network
or website. Selig is such a visionary! And remember that fiasco in
the all-star game that finished in a tie? Selig's way of rectifying it
was having the subsequent mid-summer classics determine
home-field advantage in the World Series. Brilliant. A meaningless
game helping to decide baseball's champion.

I'm wondering why anyone would want to be the next coach of the
Raiders. Oakland management goes through head coaches like I
go through jobs--often. Since Jon Gruden coached the Raaaaaay-ders
from 1998-2001, no one with the headsets wearing black and silver
has coached more than 45 games. Joe Bugel, Lane Kiffin, Art Shell,
Norv Turner....Norv Turner?!!! I don't even remember him coaching
the Raiders. Hue Jackson lasted one year in which the team give up
their immediate draft future when they traded for Carson Palmer
at mid-season and went 8-8. Next.

Tim Tebow said he can learn by watching Tom Brady play quarterback
on Saturday in the playoffs. Hmmmm, I'm thinking the "Mile High
Messiah" should observe the play of Patriot Tight Ends Rob
Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. After he flames out as a QB
next year, Tebow, with his size and speed would make for a
great tight end and it will prolong his career in the NFL.

Another year and Mark McGwire and Rafeal Palmeiro didn't
get into the baseball hall of fame? I'm shocked, just utterly shocked.

After watching the first "Game of the Century" that produced
nothing but field goals, did anybody really think the LSU-Alabama
rematch was going to be any different? I'm glad I didn't waste
my time watching that snooze fest. Would have like to seen
Oklahoma State or Stanford in there.

Robert Griffin III had to think hard about whether or not
to return to Baylor or go to the NFL. Really? He already
won a Heisman Trophy and took the Bears where they have
never gone before. Millions of dollars await in the NFL and
you wonder if you should go back to college, not get paid
(legally, anyway) and try to avoid getting injured by some
yahoo that wants to make a name for himself? Seriously.

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