Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The Pope is on Twitter?! That's right, he's been tweeting from the Vatican since June 1.
He wants to be better connected with Tim Tebow and the rest of the world. Do you
think he's got the LOL and OMG lingo down yet? A few weeks ago, The Pope announced
he would send out one tweet a day during Lent, which for those of you scoring at home,
lasts for 40 days.

Here are some of the Pope's tweets from the Vatican since the beginning of Lent.

@PopeXVI   "Elway is going to hell for trading Tebow."

@PopeXVI   "The Saints are Satan in disguise, or at least Buddy Ryan."  

@PopeXVI   "Does everybody hate Bobby Valentine or is just me?"

@PopeXVI   "Did you see the Daytona 500? That's Y I can't stand NASCAR."

@PopeXVI   "I don't like Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith.Ooops, forgiv me, father."

@PopeXVI   "Been told I look like Leslie Nielson."

@PopeXVI   "Tiger finally won. I will NOONAN him at the Masters."

@PopeXVI   "My NCAA brackets got busted. I'm out 25 large"

@PopeXVI   "I ordered my Tebow jersey. Hope it gets here by Easter."

@PopeXVI   "God doesnt like when Tebow points at him."

@PopeXVI   "Those Baylor uniforms are God-awful."

@PopeXVI   "John Calipari reminds me of a serpent. Pitino a lizard"

@PopeXVI   "Whatever happened to Hazel Mae."

@PopeXVI   "Why do soccer players act like they just got shot by a sniper?"

@PopeXVI    "Hey Dwight Howard. Just shut up an play."

@PopeXVI    "Is Maria Menounos on Twitter?"

@PopeXVI    "Dennis Rodman is broke and owes $800k in child support. Shocking"

@PopeXVI     "Good night. Going 2 watch the re-run of "Mad Men" season premiere.
                         Did you see that dance?"

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