Monday, January 2, 2012


The only performance worse than CNN's Kathy Griffin's strip tease
on New Year's Eve, was Tim Tebow's act on Sunday against Kansas
City. God's quarterback completed just 6 of 22 passes for 60 yards.
Tebow's quarterback rating was 20.6. 20.6! With the SAT's, you get
400 points just for signing your name, I think NFL QB's get a 20
for putting on their helmets. Oh, please don't tell me the "Mile High
Messiah" got the Broncos to the playoffs. I think John Elway was
hoping the team wouldn't make the post-season so they'd have
a shot at drafting Robert Griffin III. There is no way Elway or
head coach John Fox can handle any more games like that. That
was painful.

Did you see the Insight Bowl between Iowa and Oklahoma on
Friday night? Neither did I. But the next day, I saw the video of
the overhead camera almost killing Iowa's Marvin McNutt (Is
that a great name or what?) ESPN's "sky-cam" came off it's
trolley and almost decapitated McNutt. I always wondered when
that camera, which gives viewers great overhead shots, was going
to cause problems. Nothing is fool poof.

Loved the line by ESPN's Sean McDonaugh, "Those cameras are not cheap."
Really? How much do you think the lawsuit would've cost the World-Wide
Leader of Sports if that 25lb camera would've injured McNutt? Sean,
ESPN has more than enough money to replace the camera since Matt
Barnaby and Steve Phillips got fired.

Let's see, Carson Palmer wanted out of Cincinnati so badly, he threatened
to sit out the entire year and give up millions of dollars. Then he gets traded
to Oakland, the Bengals make the playoffs with a rookie quarterback, PLUS
they got not one, but two first-round draft picks for Palmer, who is now
back where he started the season, sitting at home, but he'll get the
chance to watch is former team take on the Texans.

Matt Flynn subs for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay's final game of the season
and sets franchise records for TD passes and yards in a game. More than
Starr, Dickey, Favre, AND Rodgers ever accomplished! Is it the system
or the QB? Interesting.

LeBron's big decision on Saturday night? He got engaged to his
longtime girlfriend. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Moving on now........Michael
Jordan also got engaged. Hope he learned from his first marriage
that cost him $150 million and got a pre-nup.

January 2nd. I'm still 30 lbs overweight.

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