Wednesday, January 4, 2012


All the fun is over. The jockularity from "Hard Knocks",  the
bravado, predictions, and the "identity" that Rex Ryan created
for the New York Jets, is like LeBron James during crunch time in
the fourth-quarter of a big game: Hollow. Nothing there.
Doesn't show up. Instead of stepping up, the Jets have cowered
and pointed the fingers.

They are acting remarkably similar to the Boston Red Sox
after their monumental collapse in September. The accusations,
the dirty laundry, and the old, "according to sources" information
that was dispensed from inside the locker room or clubhouse.
In September, the Red Sox and Jets were the REAL housewives of
everywhere, fighting amongst themselves and bickering like
those divas from somewhere in New Jersey. It's all quite comical,

After Ryan and the Jets failed to live up to expectations and
guarantees, (Super Bowl, again) the walls are coming down.
But when they are constructed with sand and not concrete, that's
not really surprising is it? A 90-year old patient who just had
a lung removed could blow down the Jets house of cards.

Teammates are pointing the finger at receiver Santonio Holmes,
who was given a $50 million contract and named as a team
captain, neither one of which was truly earned. He acted like
a petulant child instead of a leader and everybody else fell into

Critics are piling on, as well. Former Steeler great Terry Bradshaw
ripped the former Pittsburgh receiver by calling Holmes selfish,
saying  that he'd "give him the boot." Former Jets quarterback Boomer
Esiason called current Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, skittish
adding, "If you watched Mark Sanchez the last month of the
season, he was like a chihuahua standing on Madison Avenue and
36th Street entering the Midtown Tunnel, eyes bigger than
you-know-what, and just so shaky," said Esiason. Wow.

You know things are bad when Greg McElroy, a third-string
quarterback who never broke a sweat on Sunday is telling the
media in Alabama that the Jets were "selfish" and "corrupt".
A third-string QB, who in the football world, is really
considered worthless to a team, dumping dirt on his brethren?
 If I'm Mike Tannebaum, the Jets general manager, I'm cutting
the former Crimson Tide quarterback well before Alabama
and LSU square off for the national championship. Like, say,
by midnight tonight. McElroy is a bright kid, I guess in
comparsion to most students in Tuscaloosa, but did he not
think the New York media was going to ignore the
gospel according to Greg?

In New York, the media builds you up only to tear you down
and tear you down hard. Ryan brought confidence and swagger
to an organization that needed an entire face lift. They got it.
But Ryan lived off going to two consecutive AFC Championship
games. Two conference championship games. Nobody remembers
who loses the Super Bowl, for Ryan to hang his hat losing in
two straight conference championship games is laughable.

The great quotes, funny wigs to mock his brother, Rob, the
hearty laughs, and acting for the cameras in "Hard Knocks",
was all good because the Jets were winning. As Kevin Costner's
character, Crash Davis, told Nuke LaLoosh in "Bull Durham",
outlandish things are considered "colorful" when you win. But if
you lose, you look like an idiot. The Jets aren't looking too good
now, are they?

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