Saturday, January 28, 2012

Boycott Tim Thomas, Boycott All-Star Game

I'm not really sure if many people know it, or even care, but the NHL All-Star game will
be played on Sunday in Ottawa. NBC will get a blip in the ratings book because after the
Winter Classic, nobody really cares about hockey until the post-season, if at all. Any chance
of me tuning in vanished after Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins boycotted the defending
Stanley Cup champions' trip to the White House. I'm boycotting anything that Thomas is
playing in.

Thomas' snub of the White House because the "government has grown out of control" has been
well-documented and heavily criticized. Perhaps, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick summed
in up best when he said the snub further illustrates that the country, as a whole, is losing
'basic courtesy and grace.' Patrick admitted that he wasn't enamored with President Bush putting
'two wars on a credit card', but still stood when he walked into the room, shook his hand,
and called him Mr. President.

Why is that athletes feel they have to make some kind of stand? Do they feel the need to the be
the lead story on "SportsCenter", the top story that trends on Twitter, and fuel for the talk shows?
Why can't they just keep their mouths shut, especially when it comes to politics? President Obama
would run circles around Thomas and then tap dance on his head during a debate. Thomas talks
about a government getting out of control, but I never heard him complain about the NHL getting
too big and charging ridiculous ticket prices that most families would have to save for a month to
pay for. Why? Because those high ticket prices pay his $3 million salary.

Now, after Thomas has been heavily criticized, the Bruins goalie is saying that it's 'media driven'.
That is comical. What did he expect? You boycott the president because you don't like something
and you expect to get praised for having the courage to take a stand? Courage is the what the
Navy SEALS had when they double-tapped Bin Laden and rescued two hostages in Somalia.
Blame it on the media. Just shut up, Thomas.

When Thomas takes the ice in Ottawa on Sunday, I hope the Canadian fans boo Thomas. I
don't really think they're going to care that much because he's not a native and he didn't show
up the prime minister of their country, but for the sake of 'grace and respect' as Patrick said,
I hope they shower Thomas with boos. And the 34 people that are going to watch the game
on television, I hope they turn it off until Thomas leaves the ice. Boycott Thomas, stand up for
grace and respect.

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  1. Yo, why you harshing on hockey?

    ACC Baseball Sucks! Tee hee.