Wednesday, December 28, 2011


He's the only man who can make a pink scarf look manly.

When he tucks a handkerchief in his breast pocket it says, "thank you."

As he walks into his closet, his wardrobe screams, "we are not worthy!"

He's been blessed with so many talents, there is a sign on his back
that reads, "Standing room only."

His picture in the dictionary falls under "Jack of All Trades".
However, Webster's has updated it to read: "master of them all."

Siafa Lewis is not the most interesting man in the world, but he just
might be the most versatile and fascinating one in local television.

Lewis is a reporter/host for LVTV in New York on NBC. He also
fills in as a sports anchor and has a model portfolio that ooozes with
cool. If he played football, Bill Cowher would've called him "Slash"
long before Kordell Stewart ever showed up.

He grew up in New Jersey but he bleeds everything Philadelphia.
Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, and whatever comes out of the city
of brotherly love. When Lewis has to fill in on the sports desk and
reports on the Giants beating his Eagles, he may put a smile on his
face, but inside, he's in pain, as if he were sitting on a box of razors.
When he reports on the Mets, he does it professionally, but you
get the feeling he'd much rather try to endure water boarding torture
at Abu Ghraib.

If you follow him on Twitter, make sure your cell phone or computer
gets lost on Sunday. Lewis provides  running commentary on
every Eagle game and every play call that head coach Andy Reid

"That's a terrible call! What the heck is Santa Claus doing calling
for a run on second-and-19! He needs to be fired! Now!"

"This team has absolutely NO heart."

"What the hell is DeSean Jackson doing!"

Lewis has an opinion on everything, most of them good. Or kind
of good. At times, he wears an outfit that looks fit for a new generation
of Thurston Howell the thuuuuuuurds. But Lewis is about the only
guy who can pull it off. Married with two kids, he is a good-natured
guy, who is not married to the mirror and doesn't primp as often
as you might think. Perhaps, if his head wasn't shaved, his wife
would be calling the Fire Department to help get him out of the

The 42-year Lewis is a talented reporter who can make a feature
on number 2 pencils exciting. He is cooler than the other side of
the pillow, but doesn't bring the 'look at me' arrogance that Stuart
Scott does.

He isn't long for New York. Hollywood is where he's heading.
Maybe Lewis will go to be an entertainment reporter on Extra,
Extra, or perhaps he'll go as far away as he can get from New
York so he doesn't have to report on anything Jets, Mets, Giants,
and Rangers.

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