Monday, December 5, 2011


I'm just wondering why Manny Ramirez is thinking about making a
a comeback at the age of 40. Did he abort the alien inside
his body after taking all of those female fertility drugs and pronounce
himself fit to play again. Can't imagine any team even thinking about
bringing on his circus act especially when he has to sit out the first

I'm just wondering why all those critics who used to say that
quarterbacks are judged by wins not passing statistics, do an about
face when a guy like a winning-ugly QB like Tim Tebow comes
along and they focus on his weak stats rather than wins. Make up your

I'm just wondering who was happier about Tiger Woods' first win
in two years: Tiger or television executives who've had to try to
promote guys like Hunter Mahan, Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson,
and 100 other golfers you've never heard, while Tiger reconstructed
his life and game.

I'm just wondering what really happened between Patriots tight end
Rob Gronkowsk and porn star BiBi Jones during that bye-week.
Ever since the story broke of their weekend get-together, Gronk has
been the best tight end in the history of the game.

I'm just wondering why people think of Bobby Valentine as a baseball
genius and Terry Francona as just a good baseball man. Valentine,
for his supposed off-the-charts baseball I.Q (he must be able to make
a double-switch backwards and in his sleep), has never won a
championship. Please, don't tell me about the one he captured in Japan.
Francona won two in 8 years in the toughest place to win even one.

I'm wondering just how much indifference Sandy Alderson and the Mets
showed when they found out Jose Reyes signed with the Marlins for
over $100 million. Do you really think they were that upset or did they
say, "Good riddance Reyes and good luck Marlins, he's now your problem."?

I'm just wondering why the lawyer of Jerry Sandusky let his client do
an interview with Bob Costas and then the New York Times. Sandusky
is the biggest villain in the country and a runaway train. He's not polished
in PR and keeps saying the wrong thing that makes him look worse and
even more guilty than before.

I'm just wondering if Brett Favre is pushing pins in his Aaron Rodgers
voodoo doll a lot more often these days. I can't imagine good ole Brett
wants his successor to go undefeated and win the NFL's MVP.

I'm just wondering how many  people really want to see the LSU-Alabama
rematch to decide the national championship. That first game was the worst.
Now we are going to get a month of Les Miles, Nick Saban, the Honey
Badger, and Trent Richardson stuffed down our throats again. Forget
that, I'm going to be focused on the with Northern Illinois
and Arkansas State.

I'm just wondering why Bradley Cooper wants to be in "Hangover 3". Really?
What's the plot going to be? Wasn't "Hangover 2" enough to say "No mas"?
That sequel was sent to DVD quicker than the time it took to end the
Kardashian-Humphries "union". I'm sure Bradley's getting a lot of money,
but "Hangover 3" Come, on.

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