Friday, December 16, 2011


“I’ve seen a lot of irresponsible things done by adults and Mike
Milbury is no different in my mind. Now, again, these are just
allegations that he committed this.”
                             --Brookline Police Captain Thomas Keaveney

What "this" is,  are charges that Mike Milbury, a former NHL
player and current television analyst, although that could turn into
"ex" soon enough, allegedly grabbed and a shook a player who
was playing against his son last week. Really? A grown man
mixing it up with a 12-year old kid? Did Milbury, who used
to play and fight in the NHL for the Boston Bruins, get the
itch to drop the gloves against a kid who was no bigger than
Justin Bieber? Or was it just Mike Milbury channeling his
inner Mike Milbury, a loose cannon who had the fuse lit by
a kid?  Milbury got to have his picture taken at the police department
and they gave him some ink to fingerprint with later. What the
heck is going in our sports world today with all the Sanduskys,
Fines, Tigers, Hurds, and Tressels? And people want to criticize
Tim Tebow? Good grief.

I can't say I was surprised to hear Milbury's name in the same
sentence with confrontation, grabbing, and shaking, after all,
he will forever be known as the player who went into the stands
at Madison Square Garden on December 23, 1979 and beat
a fan with his shoe. That's right, Milbury went all nutty on
a Rangers fan who must've interrupted him on his way to
getting a hot pretzel. You can see the incident below, shortly
before the announcer says,  "never has he been shy about
voicing his displeasure."

Wow. Those words sure rang true almost 32 years to the day
that Milbury made a fan eat his own wing-tipped shoe. On Dec. 9,
according to the Boston Globe, Milbury was coaching a game
that his son was playing in. Milbury’s son and a boy on the
other team reportedly got into a heated exchange. That prompted
Milbury to come on the ice and grab the player opposing his son.
Milbury then allegedly grabbed the boy by his shirt collar,
picked him up, and shook him before some other coaches
stepped in and broke it up.

OK. This is just the report and the allegations against
Milbury. The judicial process will play out but Versus/NBC
has already made the decision to take him off the air for now.
As we've seen many times before, the court of public opinion
is not gentle. And I've already taken the gloves off. Yes,
there is due process, but come on!

For Milbury to get himself involved in a situation like
that as a public figure and former NHL player is mind-boggling.
And to allegedly touch a kid physically is just insane. As a
player, it didn't take much for opponents to push Milbury's buttons,
and back in the day he always reacted accordingly. But
to have the pot stirred by a 12-year kid and Milbury
can't restrain himself?

I really hope somebody got it wrong and Milbury wasn't
really  involved to the point where he has to put an orange
jumpsuit on. But as the Brookline police captain said, "I've
seen a lot of irresponsible things done by adults and Mike
Milbury is not different in my mind." Bruin fans have see
a lot of bad things in their lifetime, they just never thought
Milbury would keep fighting well after his career was over,
especially with a 12-year old kid.


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