Sunday, November 6, 2011


When Stevie Williams was on Tiger Woods' bag for all those years
and major championships, he was a very unlikeable guy. With his
gruff demeanor and kick-your-ass-if-you-snap-a-picture-of-Tiger
during-his-backswing mantra, Williams was as abrasive as sandpaper.
Thanks to Tiger, the New Zealander became a millionaire many
times over, making more money  than over half the players on tour.
He acted as if he actually had something to do with Tiger's success
even though he never swung a club or drained a putt under pressure.
If he was on fire, most people in golf wouldn't blink, much less
stop to throw water on him.

But a funny thing happened after Tiger gave him the pink slip
several months ago. He actually became a sympathetic figure,
mainly because the world had grown  to hate Eldrick for his
philandering ways and the way in which he fired nearly everyone
who had entered his inner circle. When  Williams picked up
Adam Scott's bag shortly after getting canned  by Tiger, he
became more likable, or at least tolerable.

Scott made like Tiger in one of those World Championships
and was on his way to clinching the tournament when a funny
thing happened. Fans were cheering for Williams as the two
strode down the 18th fairway. For the first time in PGA history
somebody was chanting the name of a caddy. "Stevie, Stevie",
the fans serenaded Tiger's former caddy. Williams ate it up.
Thought he was a rock star again. Then he took the bait of
CBS Sports and was more than happy to give them an interview.
Williams promptly said the victory was the greatest of his career,
a dig at Tiger whom he was with for 12 major victories. Many
thought it was a classless move by Williams, but he got a pass
because Tiger was deemed a pure dirt bag after his sexual escapades
with porn stars, pin-ups, and Perkins waitresses.

But several months after that post-win interview and
dig at Tiger, Williams has returned to being unlikable
and has egg on his face that he may never be able to
rinse away. During a dinner honoring caddies on Friday
night, Williams couldn't resist taking another shotat the
man who made him rich and famous. Williams said he
basically aimed to show Tiger and "stick it up his black----".
Whoa! Hello?!

That's not up there with Jimmy "The Greek" or Al
Campanis' racial slurs, but it's pretty darn close. Saying
he wanted to stick it up Tiger's black-- is just asinine.
Oh, sure, Williams quickly apologized, but its too late.
Stevie boy showed his true colors once again. He's
not a rocket scientist and the bag he's carrying is most
likely filled with rocks, the same thing  that occupies the
six-inch space between his ears. We used to have a little
sympathy for Williams after he got unceremoniously
dumped by Tiger, now we have none. We had no sympathy
for Tiger after he napalmed his career and reputation
with his womanizing ways, now he has just a little, thanks
to Williams.

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