Saturday, November 5, 2011


In the highly competitive world of sports and entertaining, people
sometimes feel the need to be bold to stand out. They need to be
seen, heard, and get the headlines so they don't get drowned out
in the "look at me' world of Facebook, Twitter, TMZ, talk radio,
and ESPN.

Phil Simms, the well-respected football analyst of CBS Sports,
went for the three-inch headlines last week. The former NFL
quarterback sauntered where no man had dared to go before: he
criticized Andrew Luck, the golden boy, can't miss, and object
of every 0-for-the season team's desire. The Stanford signal
caller seems to do everything right and has been untouchable
when it comes to any negativity.

Simms changed all that, thus becoming the talk of all the sports
talk radio shows and Internet threads. He said that Luck was
being overhyped and questioned his ability to make "NFL type"
throws. That's fine, everyone is entitled to an opinion and Simms
does in fact, get paid to be analyst. However, this does seem
to be kind of personal and Simms wants to spit on a quarterback
who is shining brightly.

As far as "big arms" and making NFL-type throws, JaMarcus
Russell sure had a howitzer for a right arm, didn't he? How'd
that turn out by the way. Coming out of college, a lot of people
said Tom Brady didn't have a "big arm", it's one of the reasons
the Patriots QB was a sixth-round draft pick. How'd that one
turn out? Everybody knocked Cam Newton because he didn't
have to read defenses at Auburn. His coach put the plays up
on a cue card. He didn't have to play under center and drop
back. How is Newton doing in his rookie season playing
the most difficult position in sports? Exactly. Simms' opinion
is just one of many and really means nothing to Luck or
any NFL team that hopes to draft him.

As far as Simms saying that Luck is getting too much hype,
well, that is interesting. I wonder what he thought of the
attention his son, Chris, was getting as a high school quarterback
in New Jersey. From the buzz on the Internet, you'd have
thought Chris was the second coming of Joe Montana.
Chris had a nice, but hardly spectacular career, where he
somehow unseeded Major Applewhite during his freshman
year. (A lot of people said it was because of the Simms
bloodlines and a handshake agreement between Mack
Brown and Chris' daddy, Phil)

Phil didn't have a problem with the overhyping of his
son, Chris, but he sure got chapped when somebody
criticized his other son, Matt, who is a quarterback
at Tennessee. Last year, Desmond Howard labeled
Matt as one of the worst quarterbacks in the SEC,
which was true at the time, and still is. When daddy
Phil saw Howard at the Super Bowl last year, he
threatened to kick the former Heisman Trophy winners
ass, in front of everybody. Howard said, "come on".
Nothing ever happened, but it was surprising to
hear about Simms confronting Howard because
Howard gets paid to be an analyst, and Simms knows
the drill.

I wonder how Simms is going to react if Andrew
Luck's dad, Oliver, a former NFL quarterback,
confronts him about criticizing his son.

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